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Column information
Polluters in Milpitas, California
Andy'S Auto Sport2417,705.70
Angel Body And Paint11174.24
Applied Magnetics Corporation 111.95
Applied Materials Inc11176.80
Aptos Corporation34154.32
Babylon Printing133,328.31
Bfi - The Recyclery162267,053.97
Billings Chevrolet152,450.00
Bp Oil C/O Cambria Environment114.29
Cal-Tech Autobody Repair231,664.40
California Micro Devices Corp375,308.52
Contempo Design West, Inc41013,721.35
Cordova Printed Circuits, Inc12526.41
Courtesy Auto Service 111.24
Department Of General Services8203,941.03
Dryclean Usa221,548.33
Dynamic Details, Inc41018,416.29
Elantec, Inc8162,615.44
Elite Cleaners 111,691.34
Fairchild Imaging, Inc12380.00
Fedex Freight33841.99
Ford Cleaners22950.28
Great Western Chemical Company22317.49
Headway Technologies Inc265,618.18
Hitext (Llc) 138.83
Holland Pacific Hitch Company113,714.50
Huntford Printing & Graphics111,732.00
Husko Inc152,193.66
International Disposal Corpora1821690,165.78
J C Cleaners 11360.88
Jones Chemical Company11627.34
Kla Tencor61822,333.79
Laguna Auto Body36761.87
Landmark Label2112,623.63
Lenthor Engineering13651.83
Lifescan, Inc7183,384.72
Linear Technology Corp12271.66
Linear Technology Corporation41213,477.57
Lite-On, Inc223.96
Lockheed Martin Fairchild Syst34109.79
M2 Automotive, Inc391,861.82
Marketshare, Inc111,418.62
Michaels Cleaners 111,490.73
Michaels Cleaners11470.86
Milpitas Auto Body3104,892.93
Mongkol Auto Body Shop341,190.19
Nta Industries Inc22882.68
Oliver De Silva, Inc2267,003.13
Olson Brothers Body Shop341,019.81
Pacific Bell Corporation661,192.56
Parktown One Hour Martinizing 11730.53
Pcb Engineering Inc473,084.23
Peco Controls Corp 33709.51
Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc 2239.98
Photronics Inc123,976.66
Pro-Tech Cleaners221,302.75
Prudential Cleanroom Services661,264.45
Quality Transformer & Electron22177.98
R D Smith & Co 120.20
Raisch Products163884,890.21
Rdm Industrial Products Inc141,410.74
Read-Rite Corporation1922,947.50
Reflections Auto Body22121.71
Remec Magnum Inc141,090.40
Scotts-Sierra Horticultural Prods. Co. Inc.1210.00
Seagate Technology11428,982.75
Sensym 344.66
Silicon Microstructures, Inc6103,363.00
Sipex Corporation12719.78
Smurfit-Stone Corp Us82012,476.09
Solectron Corporation3144,394.03
South Valley Circuits12123.20
Spx Corporation-Waukesha Elect186,115.19
Standard Mems6226,617.47
That Corporation231,227.16
The Scotts Company 120.14
Uni-Fab Industries Inc11316.80
Us Filter/Ionpure Inc111.05
Vector Fabrication11608.94
Victorian Square Cleaners 11242.83
Wayne Dalton Of The Bay Area11362.00
Wj Communications, Inc10173,949.44
Xicor, Inc 5116,380.40