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Polluters in Menlo Park, California
Cadillac Of Menlo Park3138,528.93
City Of Menlo Park163075,479.23
Country Club Cleaners 111,133.22
Diaged North America, Inc8161,962.71
Eci Painting, Inc3134,690.46
Exxon C/O Etic110.01
Exxon Company Usa C/O Etic110.01
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc2080580,573.38
Goodman Ball, Inc44311.99
Guidant Cardiac And Vascular S11716.80
Hoot N' Toot Cleaners22234.70
Ipt Sri Cogeneration Inc1128103,152.51
Landec Corporation 14122.36
Lux Dry Cleaners221,028.57
Magnussen Buick-Pontiac-Gmc 22286.02
Marine Systems 2290.89
Marsh Road Sanitary Landfill282815,275.05
Mci Worldcom551,884.01
Membrane Technology & Research131,453.37
Menlo Art Cleaners 11944.35
Menlo Park Buick-Pontiac-Gmc C11644.11
Menlotech Inc 24183.51
Ortho Mcneil Pharmaceutical66217.97
Pacific Bell66485.47
Pharmetrix, A Division Of Tcpi112.30
Randtron Systems27815.47
Raychem Corporation 10367,844.06
Sanford Metal Processing Co 1210.80
Saronix Inc13699.42
Sharon Height Drycleaning Cent223,849.48
Sri International35956.24
Ss Manufacturing & Woodworking142,340.81
Stanford Lincoln Mercury362,283.01
Stanford Linear Accelerator103937,246.03
Tyco Electronics Corporation64568,903.65
Veterans Administration Medica154513,349.85
West Bay Sanitary District11705.62
Wo Sing Cleaners22444.99