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Polluters in Martinez, California
Acme Fill Corporation2934170,181.99
Advance Auto Body36957.27
Air Prods. Mfg. Corp. Martinez Waterfront Rd113,788.00
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc61420,843.90
Allied Waste Industries2212,841.29
American Cleaners 11411.47
American Marble2214,647.97
Another Time Antiques241,093.60
Aqua Graphic Technology Usa12940.64
Central Contra Costa Sanitary2268246,947.60
Chevron Products Co7258,489.47
Contra Costa County15301,826.14
Contra Costa Regional Medical13542,730.68
Crystal Cleaners11566.61
Highlander Cleaning Center 11536.83
It Corp / Montezuma Hills Facility2828181.69
It Corp / Panoche Facility282822,038.27
It Corporation, Vine Hill Faci118,394.49
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent1018217.32
Landry Service Co Inc120.01
Martinez Auto Body272,409.80
Martinez City Rubbish2828285.51
Martinez Cogen Limited Partner842491,049.13
Martinez Landfill (Old)28287,906.20
Monsanto Company9225,389.83
Mt View Sanitary District6123,729.54
Mt View Sanitary District1012815.44
Pacific Bell66241.62
Rhodia Inc1148975,234.40
Rhodia Inc.242,826.40
Right Away Redy Mix71543,416.83
Shell Chemical Lp64220,978.36
Shell Martinez Catalyst Plant 1222327.43
Shell Martinez Refinery22141914,591,405.27
Shell Oil Co / Martinez Sludge Ponds28281,715.36
Shell Oil Co.4057202,902.03
Shore Terminals - Martinez104345,826.24
Sunrise Cleaners221,465.46
Telfer Oil Company462,199.61
Tesoro Refining And Marketing11011,307.20
Tesoro Refining And Marketing28117722,082,685.22
Tosco / Old Sites (Formerly Avon Refinery)282863,237.99
Tosco Refining C/O Montgomery 116.60
Tosco Refining Co-Amorco Termi2035824,458.33
Va Medical Center13654,702.85
Village Oaks Cleaners 111,150.11