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Column information
Polluters in Madera, California
7-Eleven, Inc41651.30
Baltimore Aircoil Of Cal5137,182.15
Bullet Fiberglass14440.52
California Olive Growers63411,086.83
Canandaigua West, Inc73148,635.18
Canandaigua Wine Company73128,478.88
City Of Madera66541.00
City Of Madera612604.07
Color-Box, Llc61415,425.63
Dj Ultramart416291.65
Evapco West, Inc.13814.60
Florestone Prods. Co. Inc.23103,059.00
Florestone Products Co, Inc3930,317.27
Fmc Corp. Food Processing Sys. Div.3313.40
Georgia Pacific Corporation6249,080.20
Greene'S Am-Pm Minimart #2416446.87
Johnny Quik Food Store #11941680.76
Johnny Quik Food Store #1315171,573.16
Kings Valley Industries, Inc.162,000.99
Lamoure'S Cleaners111,309.50
Lee'S Concrete Materials31524,123.97
M T Madera Beacon Ultramart Inc416202.67
Madera Cleaners & Laundry, Inc114,117.50
Madera Co-Op Gin, Inc.448,350.00
Madera Community Hospital6352,158.26
Madera Glass Company361441,593,051.07
Madera Self Service416119.60
Martin'S Chevron416501.95
Moore Quality Galvanizing6339,831.96
One Hour Martinizing114,112.10
P J Express Mart41659.49
Pilot Travel Centers Llc #365416449.60
Ripperdan Disposal Site2828380.42
Rosenbalm Rockery3922.23
Roy'S Liquor41653.85
S & K Mini Mart41641.83
Saint-Gobain Containers11409.00
Sealed Air Corporation66953,061.84
Sunsweet Dryers61022,254.74
Thomas Prods. L.L.C.22255.00
Toro Agricultural Irrigation11238.00
U S Rentals371,236.50
Ultramar, Inc, #3784416261.84
Upright, Inc.6106,410.78
Valley Grain/Azteca Milling62020,637.57
Vernon'S Chevron Station 897241636.76
Western Grain And Milling Inc.39732.00
Zoria Farms Inc6730,515.79