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Polluters in Los Gatos, California
Anna'S Orchid Cleaners 11317.03
Blossom Hill Cleaners 11404.72
Classic Car Wash C/O Atc Assoc110.51
Community Hospital Los Gatos-S9311,510.99
Community Hospital Of Los Gato6241,447.68
Crystal Cleaners11957.84
Dryclean City22965.20
El Gato Cleaners 11947.73
Exxon C/O Environmental Resolu110.35
Exxon Company Usa 111.55
Ez Cleaner & Shoe Repair22768.15
Fashion Cleaners11447.10
Fashion Cleaners & Draperies 111,054.98
Ford Cleaners22875.58
Gatito Cleaners 11469.48
Great Bear Coffee Coffee330.94
Iron Rod1243.32
Kerful Drycleaners & Launderer11634.07
King'S Court C/O Henshaw Assoc110.93
Los Gatos Acura10164,510.55
Los Gatos Body Shop, Inc 4487.05
Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Comp220.32
Los Gatos Honda131,204.80
Maxxim Medical, Inc 2826.73
Moore Buick Corporation371,493.37
Orchid Cleaners22754.17
Rinconada Cleaners & Laundry22903.14
Santa Clara Valley Water Distr66966.70
Smythe Volvo Service11408.00
South Bay Ab & P253,431.33
Swanson Ford34938.06
Swanson Ford Inc165,447.66
The Preferred Image23318.20
Tip Top Cleaners22286.20
University Auto Body341,096.57
Vca Johnson Animal Hospital77133.66
Verizon California66229.86
Verizon California66842.80
West Coast Aggregates Inc22217,979.42