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Polluters in Los Banos, California
Becker Oil Company57168.08
Billy Wright Dump Site Landfill28282,352.00
Buy And Save Mart51090.96
C.L. Bryant510822.07
Chevron, Windecker Inc. Card L510562.50
Circle K55449.99
Circle K #361441693.94
City Of Los Banos660.07
City Of Los Banos6622.71
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos666.11
City Of Los Banos6618.10
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos61814.39
City Of Los Banos Disposal Site282815,117.89
Fnf Construction Inc330.00
Granite Construction Company6197,158.62
Kings View Work Experience Ctr1132,007.96
Lifetime Doors, Inc.512903.42
Los Banos Foods, Inc63039,210.86
Pacheco Chevron416300.24
Rick'S Auto Body331,224.95
Santos, Texaco512247.60
Seven-Eleven #22736515317.09
Shell, Larry'S515680.41
Shell, Pacheco Shell Service515234.12
Tri-Valley Growers Plant 5103843,172.50
Triangle Rock Products Inc3122,248.08
Union #5509, Paul Rose5101,565.07
Unocal, C.L. Bryant Inc.5101,204.16
West Cotton Services:Los Banos10106.59
Windecker Inc.416116.80