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Column information
Polluters in Los Angeles, California
Univ Of So Cal, Physical Plant133791,646.62
La City, Dept Of Airports13331264,598.58
Park La Brea 621922,600.00
Univ Of So Cal (Eis & Nsr Use 1121855,464.63
American Airlines Inc (Eis Use1420172,853.96
University So California,Healt4718628,720.98
Trans World Airlines Inc 1617347,209.00
Stocker Resources Inc 10164192,591.28
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central28163170,971.86
Continental Airlines Inc (Nsr 1713767,495.33
Ashland Chemical Company 3513278,651.75
Paramount Pictures Corp 1312950,593.44
U S Gov'T, V A Medical Center,611452,740.00
Alpha Therapeutic Corp 1110792,161.02
Tosco Refining Co/La Terminal,79346,431.48
Teledyne Microelectronics Unit119217,188.67
Amvac Chemical Corp309114,966.74
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation 2684257,699.06
Times Mirror Co 108314,625.73
Cal St Univ La 108022,444.69
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc 773322,950.32
Angelica Textile Services 66914,683.20
20th Century Fox Film Corp 116716,143.36
La City, Dwp 11676,777.13
Aramark Uniform Service 66210,561.17
Lac/Usc Medical Center 296183,665.67
Los Angeles Times126137,300.05
Anderson Lithograph Co 1459212,563.70
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut1658105,441.30
La Co., Internal Service Dept 1157221,892.12
Los Angeles Co Metro Trans Aut65711,521.53
Cedars-Sinai Medical Ctr 1257104,614.92
Ucla (Regents Of Uc) 657230,393.15
United Airlines Inc 65662,603.52
Fansteel/California Drop Forge95516,108.94
The Termo Company 8549,407.72
Air Prod & Chem Inc12539,788.28
Occidental College 165112,009.06
Stone Container Corp 95113,230.01
Van Waters & Rogers, Div Univa11496,590.26
La City, Dwp 6495,976.23
La Co., Sheriff'S Dept 7475,457.50
Tissurama Industries Inc 84732,603.79
A And B Auto Body And Fender W6466,469.24
Ogden Power Pacific, Inc 845310,093.94
Pacific Tube Co 64317,797.60
Children'S Hospital Of Los Ang104338,867.38
Precision Specialty Metals Inc104315,623.83
Los Angeles Athletic Club 64216,529.12
Matchmaster Dyeing & Finishing84268,972.32
Laxfuel Corp 64211,380.00
Cbs Inc 84111,894.87
Sinclair Paint Co9413,796.04
Aero Engines Inc 184065,710.64
La City, La-Glendale Water Rec13407,785.50
Bronzeway Plating Corp 6404,889.46
La Cemetary Assoc, Evergreen C393912.96
Silvestri Studio Inc 123930,600.80
Aaa Advance Finishing, Inc 103930,606.75
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp 103911,125.74
Madison-Graham Colorgraphics I103856,644.13
Breitburn Energy Corp 63835,360.00
J.H. Snyder Co Iii, L.P. 6371,440.00
Certified Grocers Of Cal Ltd 6376,073.21
Great Western Malting Co., Inc63645,939.35
Barlow Specialty Advertising I103610,880.26
Stocker Resources Inc. 4366,824.95
Tat Los Angeles Co Ltd 6357,252.42
Loyola Marymount Univ 63512,225.30
Ge Engine Services - Corp Aviation Inc,63414,659.09
The Hospital Of The Good Samar153422,451.38
La Co Health Serv, King/Drew M103423,355.30
Hanjin Intl Corp,Omni La Hotel63410,856.83
Great American Finishing113440,953.06
Sealright Co Inc 173416,352.30
Evergreen Memorialcare Inc, Ev3333128.16
Baxter Healthcare Corp., Hylan73335,219.62
Ralphs Grocery Co 8332,048.65
Charles Caine Co Inc 123320,287.64
Professional Refinishing Organ93331,064.50
La Trade Tech Coll, La Communi6335,460.00
Standard Nickel Chromium Plating Co Inc83268,296.75
Soco-Lynch Corp6322,611.24
Pentrate Metal Processing Inc8325.81
Breitburn Energy Corp 2318,373.96
La City, Bureau Of Sanitation 213141,335.53
Sinclair Printing Co 93186,483.34
Lonza Inc 93153,925.77
La Dye & Print Works Inc 63111,720.80
Interstate Brands Corp 63116,749.01
Color America Textile Processi6305,435.20
Bronze-Way Powder Coating, Inc63018,707.83
Burton Way Hotels,Llc 6306,319.10
La Co., Sheriff'S Dept 6304,177.72
Craftsman Office Furniture 103030,224.30
Stocker Resources Inc 4306,329.20
Custom Lithograph Inc 83023,402.67
Confluence Fmc, Inc- Harden Industries112913,516.83
Delta Air Lines, Inc7292,603.97
Federated Corporated Services 6293,563.98
Lithographix Inc 62959,215.35
Southern Pacific Transportatio102914,138.11
Elk Ocean Dump2828198.56
Balcom Canyon Ii282813,179.82
Ryan Mine / Us Borax2828198.56
La City, Dept Of Gen Services,6286,396.59
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6287,355.59
Donahue Printing Co 62813,960.00
Gage Avenue Dump282863,237.99
Bethlehem Steel Dump28281,715.36
Futernick Dump28287,906.20
Otto Benedict Dump282863,237.99
Los Angeles By / Products / Slauson Ave Pit2828285.51
Cleland Dump28287,906.20
Sand Canyon Waste Disposal28281,715.36
It Corp / Los Angeles Facility28281,715.36
Bishops Canyon Landfill282863,237.99
Cassara Disposal Site2828285.51
E. L. Fleming Dump282863,237.99
Quartz Hill Decomposed Granite Pit28287,906.20
Samuelson, Eric2828285.51
Forest Lawn Landfill2828285.51
Laidlaw / Washington Blvd28287,906.20
Mission Canyon #1 / 328281,715.36
Toyon Canyon Park Reclamation Project282826,494.97
Wards Dump2828285.51
Victory / Vineland Landfill28287,906.20
George Industries 6275,918.46
La City, Dwp 6278,160.58
Wilshire Terrace Corporation 6273,137.72
The Celotex Corp 62710,824.91
La Co.,Dept Hlh Srv,La Co.,Usc20277.96
Eemco, Datron Inc Div 132715,454.79
Pervo Paint Co Inc 326660.50
Ogden Aviation Ground Services62620,860.00
Int'L Light Metals Corporation26265,968.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9261,445.00
Certified Enameling Inc 162581,139.15
Ellis Paint Co/Pacific Coast L8256,064.00
Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corp 2258,495.00
Bauchet Int'L Inc 72543,400.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11258,477.98
Darling International Inc 62550,240.00
10960 Property Corp 62553,537.34
La Co., Sanitation Dist, Missi1525876.08
Westwood Gateway Ii 6251,425.72
La Dye & Print Works Inc 6255,732.49
Los Angeles Cold Storage Co 4240.00
Highland Plating Co 6249,780.00
Industrial Asphalt162414,240.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 624359.72
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 222411,110.71
Arrowhead Brass Prod. Inc 92429,476.75
Atlas Carpet Mills Inc 82422,105.63
Apex Drum Co Inc 102444,979.80
Bowne Of Los Angeles Inc 92416,052.88
Modern Plating, Alco Cad-Nickel Plating7241,352.28
Applied Graphics Tech, Gore Gr62418,535.33
Northwest Airlines Inc 62439,617.44
Tmt-Pathway, Llc102375,879.20
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9232,164.00
Devin Co 4236,286.97
Atkinson Brick Co 1823130,345.40
The California Club 6234,340.00
Vargas Furniture Mfg Co 62336,606.30
The J Paul Getty Trust 6238,446.31
Queen Of Angels Hollywood Pres62314,218.83
Westin Bonaventure Hotel 6227,005.18
Los Angeles International62225,853,201.26
Palace Plating1722769.72
Santee Dairies Inc 82214,805.39
Abbott Transistor Laboratories52216,573.72
Shuwa Management Corp 6227,756.82
Gte Directories Press Inc 62230,254.40
Textured Coatings Of America I7226,258.79
Maguire Thomas Partners Develo6227,499.77
Kaiser Foundation Hospital 72143,161.71
Thermo Electron Corp, Cal-Dora9215,533.45
Tosco Refining Co/Center St. T12128,575.36
Colornet Press 6217,172.34
California Portland Cement Co.3211,332.00
Textron Coating, Inc 15212,446.83
King Wood Turning Co 92110,095.78
California Fiberloft Inc3212,230.48
Applied Graphics Technologies 62142,500.00
Safety-Kleen (Los Angeles)., I620603.40
Baker Commodities Inc420162.87
George Rice & Sons, Div World 101950,234.16
Tru Cut Inc 11196,983.54
Aaa Glass Corp 81922,524.84
Gebe Electronics Serv Inc 8197,576.21
Teledyne Controls, Div Teledyn61916,088.59
Old Country Millwork Inc 61942,840.00
Mid Wilshire Assoc 6191,394.08
Capstran Pacific 6193,700.00
Bsh Home Appliances Corp 81912,851.63
Roosevelt Bldg Ltd 618428.45
Morgan Services Inc 6184,756.03
Kaiser Foundation Hosp 61812,027.42
Excello Plating Co Inc 6182,366.00
Torch Operating Company 6182,181.51
Cal Metal Processing Co 6184,019.44
Torch Operating Company 6181,554.24
Barksdale Inc4184,514.41
Ace Plating Co Inc9182,579.01
Sandberg Furniture Mfg Co Inc 111878,702.00
Lever Bros Co18181,545.60
The E. B. Malone Corp 141719,818.18
Corsican Furniture, Inc 111716,850.01
Weslock National Inc 71714,959.88
Paramount Group Inc 6177,852.44
La Airport Marriott Hotel 6178,056.40
Oneil Data Systems Inc 61710,000.00
Usair Inc 6176,480.00
Hotel Grande Associates 6177,747.53
Advance Paper Box Co 71734,754.00
Phylrich International 121610,522.96
Shell Oil Products Co 3165,632.56
Madison Industries 8162,512.93
Alfred'S Picture Frames, Inc 61649,807.53
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11629.62
Golden St Casket Co Inc 6163,440.00
Sport Fun Inc 6161,520.00
Interstate Brands Corp. #23 61613,722.40
Alba Industries Inc 91616,347.58
Grover Prod. Co (Eis Use) 131634,550.38
Roy E. Hanson Jr Mfg Co 81666,374.00
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11531.73
Alco Cad-Nickel Plating Corp 7151,484.12
Calmat Co1515115.93
Midway Hospital Medical Center6157,099.99
Jerry Berman Enter Inc 6153,532.00
Fred K. Anderson & Sons Inc 6157,660.00
Western Summit Mfg Corp 61534,834.51
Minson Corporation 61516,181.73
Sw Plating Co 615160.00
Active Supply Co 71527,435.22
La Opinion 6159,320.00
Angell & Giroux Inc 9153,252.94
Natl Tech Sys 81530,660.83
Prudential Lighting Corp 8147,297.92
Al'S Plating Co Inc10142,493.95
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11412.65
Directors Guild Of America 614565.82
The Vons Co Inc 61418,820.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 61427,154.16
Colton Metalex Co 61417,606.07
John Boyd Designs 11449,100.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Serv 61425,285.98
Friction Materials Co Of La4141,131.52
Los Angeles Parkerizing Co Inc101477,217.98
Barry Ave Plating Co Inc 6147,720.00
Cal-Fiber Co 6135,816.62
La City, Trans Dept 6133,341.62
United Alloys Inc 61365,961.81
Rhone Poulenc Inc 7136,613.13
Night Lights By Bebee 6137,540.02
Falcon Foam, A Div Of Atlas Roofing61345,680.00
Colormax Industries Inc. 6139,418.49
Superior Lithographics 6137,820.00
Wontronics Inc9136,681.80
American Broadcasting Co 8138,648.80
Richmark Wall Sys4137,504.04
Sunrise Wood Prod Inc 61210,344.00
Westvaco, Envelope Div 91214,681.00
Coast Converters Inc 71215,806.96
Gemline Frame Co Inc 6125,214.10
Young Generators Inc 61278,612.89
Bert-Co Industries, Bert-Co Gr61217,020.00
Wilshire Courtyard 6121,607.11
Aaa Partitions Inc 6123,140.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 6125,029.07
United Food Group 6121,856.01
Monterey Resources Inc 1121,702.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 61220.00
Clark Lithograph Inc. 6121,680.00
La Co., Dpss/Space Services Se6121,815.09
Anderson Printing 61211,360.00
Bender Machine Inc312244.08
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas11214.59
Pacific Energy Resources 11211,322.02
Pa/First Plaza Joint Venture #612208.45
Great American Picture Frame C6116,940.00
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut81155,876.00
Jade Range Inc 6115,681.12
Continental Graphics Inc 6115,213.20
R. A. Reed Electric Co5116,078.93
Kaiser Aluminum & Chem Corp 81143,308.10
Yama Woodcraft Inc, California6114,371.61
Cal Electroplating Inc 6111,100.00
Printco 1112,800.00
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Wate611240.00
Roman Empire Furniture Parts M9119,892.30
Friedman Bag Co Inc, Polyethyl91150,170.00
Waste King111150,714.09
Epoch Industries/Curtainair In41115,396.70
Highland Auto & Truck Supply 5114,819.92
Lou Ehlers Cadillac5102,139.62
Leach Corporation 91055,178.47
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut71060,841.00
Continental Baking Co Inc2103.01
Poly Pak America Inc 81011,850.19
Delta Folding Gates Inc 6101,360.00
Embrey Press Inc 1101,396.78
Golden Hammer Auto Body & Refi6104,800.00
Tenneco Packaging, Inc. 61021,864.88
Stadco, Standard Tool & Die Co1105,539.89
Pacific Printing Ind 6102,400.00
Cal-Waste Industries Inc 6100.00
Mitsui Fudosan (Usa) Inc 6101,278.48
Dura Strip 11010,320.00
Fabri-Cote,Div A & S Glass Fab61057,606.40
Stutzman Plating Co 6101,240.00
Spraylat Corp51021,755.50
Ace Sandblasting Corp 61039,504.02
Fansteel Inc. Precision Sheet9929,043.80
Griffith Micro Science, Inc 796,020.56
Packaging Advantage Corp 895,200.20
Robert M. Hadley Co Inc591,741.51
Merle Norman Cosmetics Inc995.51
Metromedia Technologies, Inc. 7933,690.00
Star Ford 698,800.00
Young Jin Printing Co 6910,662.95
Westcoast Fibre Corp 692,614.72
Delgado Bros. 1914,540.00
Rahn Ind Inc 6912,683.44
Valley Plating Works, Inc 697,359.20
Diamond Polyethylene Products 692,860.00
Angelica Textile Services 697,779.20
Unified Western Grocers Inc 696,514.91
J. Coarasa Furniture & Interio193,760.00
Marina Auto Body Shop Inc 6910,392.14
Smiland Paint Co 7935,884.80
Griffith Micro Science, Inc 793,136.31
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 687,265.48
Vargas Furniture Co 7819,038.04
Pillowtex, Inc 881,042.55
Western Dye House Inc8822.03
Union Oil Co Of Cal88263.32
Westform Ind 186,840.00
Exl Corporation 6815,472.07
B & B Ind 68451.03
Beverly Coachcraft 686,133.79
Angelus Metal Finishing 680.00
Colby Poster Printing Co 684,640.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 683,490.88
Kenduco Inc, Paulee Body Shop 683,580.00
Tmt-Pathway L.L.C.4832,248.00
Exide Techs.581,708.06
Amkco Fabrication Co., Alan Ka689,334.31
L.A. Co. Central Heating Plant88108.14
California Leather Finishers,58655.20
Modern Faucet Mfg Company885.40
A G Layne Inc88971.08
Surface Protection Industries28549.70
Allied-Signal Inc,Garrett Gen586,617.12
Jeffries Banknote Company8810,548.99
Stuart F. Cooper Co472,677.00
Hurst Graphics Inc770.94
Enterprise Sales Co.7754,014.00
Eureka Lithograph 174,440.00
First Interstate Tower A Joint671,537.72
Nordwins Corp 1712,500.00
Flair Cleaners, Inc 676,683.16
Marina Security Gate & Iron Wo173,559.53
New Tech Auto Body 67494.68
Flair Cleaners 6720,154.01
Pico Cleaning Cntr, S & S & B 673,402.72
Bruce Eicher, Inc 175,260.00
Merrill Corp 171,200.00
Sterling Of Westwood Inc 677,480.98
Stoneview Corp, Carriage Trade67280.00
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 6721,407.86
Twelve Signs Inc 175,412.00
Delgado Brothers Co 175,820.00
Us Radiator Corp 67688.80
Fong Bros Co 67980.00
Peacock Cleaners 67527.10
Valetor Inc 679,625.15
Bixel Assoc C/O Transpacific D6720.00
Cameo Cleaners Inc 673,209.38
Diplomat Cleaners 67862.43
L&S Lighting Fixture Co Inc7726,887.20
Benmatt Ind Inc774,104.82
Roy E. Hanson Jr Mfg Co 671,166.45
Sterling Plumbing Group, Inc.77972.65
U S Govt Postal Service663,034.00
Blafer Woodfinishes 3617,258.96
American National Can Company66251,873.00
Four Star Chem Inc6655.49
Oxy Usa Inc6686.66
Custom Rubber Mix Inc663.79
D L Mayra Design Inc668,401.60
Stephen A Latina 662,830.15
Borgia Furniture Finishing Inc168,440.00
Dynair Corporation6624,600.80
Swisstex California Inc. 6622,400.00
Los Angeles West Terminal Fuel161,040.00
Maguire Thomas Partners/Playa 6660.00
Ontario Aircraft Service Inc 66279,427.24
Guild Printing Co 166,180.00
Los Angeles Stripping & Finish1615,119.51
Scope Products Inc, Dext Co 5612,762.00
Signature Office Furniture Inc166,760.00
Tedco Printing Co 167,060.00
Bert-Co Industries6656,300.00
Wings West Airlines 661,942.40
La City, Dept Gen. Services 661,049.29
Automation Printing 167,480.00
Jan-Al Innerprizes, Inc 362,869.28
La Paper Box & Board Mills 6616,580.00
Hollywood Film Co 1619,871.59
J Pacific Inc, Delta Dyeing & 6619,940.00
Ogden Aviation Services 664,072.03
Paramount Pictures Corp 669,877.31
Sigla Furniture Corp6620,100.00
La City, Dwp 66107,688.70
Mercury Rentals/Gse 662,393.72
B D & G Sandblasting Co (A Cor262,013.00
Mission Engraving & Offset Pla160.00
Continental Colors Corp 669,476.56
Waymire Drum Co Inc4645,536.75
Artisan House Inc16748.40
Trojan Metal Prod.467,332.60
Union Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Gas66112.90
Gannett Outdoor Co562,462.02
Praxiar Surface Technologies,250.04
Michael Hamilton Furniture Fin351,321.02
Decter Mannequin Inc553,015.27
Corsican Tables Co551,677.25
Francis - Hankey Body Shop 151,040.00
Falcon Foam Plastics Inc35211.84
Hkm Of California Krasne Mfg.556,716.39
Akzo Nobel Chem Inc, Filtrol C25756.27
Nekoosa Packaging551,748.20
Sparkletts Drinking Water Corp2410,326.30
Fantasy Lighting Inc44280.29
Hughes Aircraft Co,Sp & Comm G44581.09
Virco Mfg Corp4410,776.48
Vigoro Industries,Inc.342,620.29
Bumper Shop Inc.341.53
G/O Furniture4419,731.00
West Auto Painting 347,012.48
Gallaher & Gallaher 148,443.61
Allied Record Co 145,505.45
U S Auto Body & Repair Shop 14336.85
Trendwest, Inc. 145,520.00
Cbs Studios 4482,182.39
Mc Cann'S Engineering & Mfg Co249,815.00
Asia Auto Body Shop 14180.00
Oskar & Sam Body Shop, O. Espi142,280.00
Gennaro Rosetti 146,978.69
Virco Manufacturing Corporatio442,074.00
Rapid Industries44287.79
Gory Electric Service44142.75
Oem Plating And Mfg. Corp.44529.29
Circle Printing Co., Inc. 143,000.00
Shamrock Processed Base Co 2426,275.20
Fine Finishing Furniture 1410,000.00
Joe'S Body Shop 131,352.01
Helms Antiques Inc 131,595.36
Dolphin Engineering 13140.00
Paper Coating Co336,755.00
National Drum Inc.3315,498.00
Main Street Dairy334,273.48
Harden Industries339,531.60
Builders Brass Wks Corp (Eis U3371,719.50
Triangle Brass Mfg Co2317,479.00
W.C.I. Furniture Inc331,766.57
Praxair Distribution, Inc.23274.90
Lyle Van Patten Co Inc333,280.00
Metal Briquitting2311.00
Strelitz Co.2311.00
Griffith Micro Science Inc.13192.00
Hippopotamus 137,960.00
Golden Auto Body & Paint 139,157.09
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc, Hollyw134,080.00
Hearte International 13949.47
Jon-L Inc 130.00
Pacific Video Inc 13180.00
Mpr Fleet Services, Inc. 13665.22
Vaughan Benz 132,000.00
Magic Auto Body & Paint 131,983.29
Hudson General Llc 13934.36
C&H Auto Body, Repairs, Radiat1359.52
High Line Auto Body, Don Hanke131,700.00
Ridgewood/California Power Par330.00
Chase Bag Co33304,343.53
Adm Milling Co, Centennial Mil331,666.53
Coast Coil Co333,586.34
Guy Chaddock & Co1310,790.98
Gsf Energy Inc334.60
Univ So Cal,(Kenneth Norris Jr23120.10
Mcbride Chem3349.80
Cal Hi-Grade Furniture Corp33661.30
Imperial Shade & Venetian Blin332,549.00
Pacific Rattan Prod. Inc23190,543.00
American National Can Co33119.30
Benedetti Corporation3329,282.20
Falcon Manufacturing Of Califo1364.09
Safeway Stores 27, Inc225.68
First Interstate Bank Of Calif1291.76
Continental Auto & Truck12116.21
Philips Components, Discrete P22137.61
Transaction Tech Inc222,813.85
Dfc Company22468.00
Castrol Inc122.00
Goodwill Ind Of So Cal22195.10
Harris Hub Contract Metal Fabr224,173.80
Chapel Of The Pines22255.90
American Caster Corp225,096.00
Dillano Auto Body 123,172.19
A & T Woodworking 123,236.54
Criterion Gate & Mfg Co 124,346.76
La City, Dept Of Recreation & 12480.00
Vargas Furniture Co 128,220.00
The Hertz Corp 124,240.00
Califoria Mart 2280.00
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 1240.00
La City College 12453.34
Associated Ready Mix Concrete,2222.40
Polypure Inc.12550.00
Genes Plating Works Inc.226.00
Chalet Prods. Co.122.00
Dexter Axle Co.12500.00
West Coast Stainless Prods.123.00
Rittenhouse 122,060.00
California Community News 128,720.00
Bodycote Thermal Processing121,400.00
Progressive Art Products Of Ca122,277.70
La Co., H. Humphrey Comprehens1264.56
Central Plants Inc22323.00
La Co., Dept Of Public Works (22221.00
Grana Industrial Finishers 227,241.00
So Cal Gas Co221,745.36
Cal Metal X222.00
Dk Environmental Inc.222.00
Gene'S Plating Works Inc.22108.00
Alloys Cleaning Inc.1210.00
Fabri Cote1134,120.00
Brite Plating Co. Inc.115.00
Transdigm Inc, Adel Wiggins Gr115,480.00
Chevron Chemical Company115,750.00
Monogram Aerospace Fasteners,11514.00
Unocal Oil Co Of Cal1110.58
Empire Chem Co Inc11220.48
Ladish Company - Pacific Div.11102.00
Sheraton Plaza La Reina Hotel11454.38
Lazar Industries Inc 118,337.88
Chapman Designs Inc. 115,966.92
Mission Kleensweep Prods. Inc.111,700.00
Griffith Microscience, Inc.117.15
Polyone Corp.111.00
Modern Plating Co.115.00
Neutrogena Corp.110.06
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Alameda Plant110.00
National Wire & Cable Corp.112.30
Chromal Plating Co.111.00
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. West La Plant110.01
Golden Plating Inc. 11533.47
La City, Dept Of Gen Services 11180.00
Blocksom & Co 1114,069.80
Johnny'S Furniture Manufacturi112,667.33
Fair Line Furniture Mfg Inc 112,785.88
Museum Associates 11197.58
Hill Bros. Chemical Co.11250.00
De La Torre Corp 1117,090.67
Darigold-Los Angeles118,359.00
Kar Machine Inc,Cal W Coast Pa113,740.00
Keystone Engineering Co11463.66
Jan Iv Corp11181.76
Oxy Usa, Incorporated1118.99
Flamaster Corp11409.00
See'S Candy Shops Inc11266.75
Pan Metal Corporation119.90
Davis Material Handling Co, In11941.00
Monico Alloys, Inc117,841.00