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Polluters in Long Beach, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9215,705.00
54th St And Paramount Blvd. D.S.28281,715.36
Aera Energy Llc 154,256.60
Aera Energy Llc 67376.43
Aes Alamitos, Llc4128912,178,787.74
Aimcor,Applied Industrial Mate24372.78
Alflex Corp.12755.00
Arco Products Co. Marine Termi1525864,793.23
Arco Products Company 6214,340.61
Arco Products Company 62024,333.93
Arco Terminal Services Corp,Fo7173,323.00
Ascon Construction / Long Beach2828285.51
Atsc East Hynes Terminal9161,159.00
Barney'S Hole Digging Serv Inc666,840.62
Belmont Shores Mobile Home Estates2828285.51
Bob Hill Hydraulic Crane Renta681,939.72
Botanicals Intl Inc111.67
Boulevard Buick/Pontiac/Gmc Tr140.00
C. J. Fiberglass Co. 132,573.88
Cal Bumper Co Inc3629.29
Cal St Univ Long Beach Eh&S 1514982,586.99
Caltrans Long Beach, San Gabriel Fwy2828285.51
Caltrans Long Beach, W La River282863,237.99
Calwest Galvanizing Corp 64821,680.92
Carcoaof Southern California 6115,522.99
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.660.20
City Dump & Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site28281,715.36
City Dump & Salvage #2282863,237.99
City Dump & Salvage #42828285.51
City Dump Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site282863,237.99
Class Auto Center, Incorporate6105,831.14
Clean Steel Inc 3700.00
Connolly-Pacific Co 6207,439.48
Continental Cleaners 111,732.53
Cooperheat 6181,356.58
Cormier Chevrolet Co 692,320.00
Crosby & Overton Transportation Co.28281,715.36
Custom Fiberglass Mfg Co/Custom Hardtop1223309,319.40
Dayton Superior Specialty Chem Ical Corp. Edoco241,000.00
Department Of The Navy171726,890.54
Diaz Container Repair3616,142.40
Douglas Products Division17970150,266.18
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use) 186054,758.76
E & T, Llc 62423,887.20
East 55th Way2828285.51
East Hynes Terminal77938,037.84
Edgington Oil Company19267201,028.42
Equilon Signal Hill Terminal6127,700.00
Exxon Mobil Corp 117614,749.79
Foasberg Laundry & Cleaners In6134,529.05
G-P Gypsum Corp 72013,140.89
Gaylord'S Kustom Truck Lids 131,755.61
Gaylords Kustom Truck Lids 1759,960.00
Graner Oil Co/Christenson #1& 1157,180.00
Graner Oil Co/Darby & Meader 42718,860.00
Graner Oil Co/Havenstrite-Mcke41911,760.00
Graner Oil Co/Ruchti 481,674.85
Graner Oil Co/Temple,Well#7,Co43313,100.00
Great Lakes Carbon Corp151.22
Greens Inc 1137,880.00
Hagelin Aircraft Motors Co Inc8208,536.77
Hanjin Terminal 6610,906.60
Harbor Chevrolet Corp 6116,087.50
Hi-Teck Auto Repair And Body C11280.00
Hugh J. Resins Co Inc8160.00
Hughes Technical Services Comp7294,594.82
Hyatt Corp, Hyatt Regency Long6222,763.73
Hyer Inc, Ashphalt Products Oi25525,117.59
Industrial Process & Chem Co486,044.50
J L Manta Inc; Kenny Manta Ind151,286.80
J.B.I. Inc 81124,649.00
Koat-Pac Inc 256,451.80
La City, Dwp Haynes Generating Station432541,262,896.87
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6162,048.95
La Co., Metropolitan Trans Aut6112,652.17
La Co., Sanitation Dist No. 2 17445,892.24
La Co., Sanitation Dist, Lb Pu67276.43
La County, Dept Of Public Work68278.86
Long Beach6242,224,618.24
Long Beach City Col 6226,220.00
Long Beach City Fleet Srv Bure616418.86
Long Beach City Landfill2828285.51
Long Beach City Unified School159,940.00
Long Beach City, Auto Div 67923.51
Long Beach City, Convention Ce6463,979.13
Long Beach City, Pub Serv Dept121,035.92
Long Beach City, Serrf Project471401,022,948.93
Long Beach Comm Hosp 62710,390.55
Long Beach Disposal282863,237.99
Long Beach Generation Llc965380,926.67
Long Beach Memorial Medical Ce62752,319.48
Long Beach Public Tranportatio155410,416.51
Long Beach Shavings Co, Inc 6180.00
Lonza Inc 11257,846.64
Loynes / Bixby Disposal Site2828285.51
Lubeco Inc9272,586.09
M.O. Dion And Sons, Inc4451.97
Maness Environmental Services 67893.78
Manson Construction Co. 660.00
Manson Construction Co.6620,821.86
Mc Farland Energy Inc (Eis Use11612,009.45
Melin Enterprises, Direct Colo6218,640.00
Metropolitan Stevedore Company13187,698.49
Monsanto / Long Beach282863,237.99
Monsanto Chemical Company442.06
Montenay Pacific Power Corp 663,643.01
National Cleaners 675,715.61
National Gypsum Co 1140153,493.90
New Ngc Inc.110.40
Nippondenso Of Los Angeles Inc111,446.00
Pacific Banana 118,160.00
Pacific Ford Inc 1109,200.00
Pacific Valves12288.90
Paramount Mfg Co Inc 12138.31
Paramount Petr Corp41215.66
Park Intl Corp331,401.54
Petro Diamond Terminal Co 174371,295.41
Petro Resources Inc. Track 6,888524.26
Petrolane-Lomita Gasoline Co.332,147.00
Plastics Paint Production Inc 6126,400.00
Powerine Oil Company3311.59
Prather Products Inc, Prather11108.00
Prime Svc., Inc. Prime Equipme6622,921.20
Quality Aluminum Forge Inc 674,400.00
Quality Bumpers 165,352.67
Rapid Transit Dist, Metro202043.20
Rms Foundation Inc 63411,321.76
Robertshaw Controls Co, Grayso1132248,949.80
Ross Auto Body 15194.55
Saint Mary Medical Center 6215,755.44
San Gabriel River Improvement28287,906.20
Seaside, Incorporated663,287.00
Signal Hill Petroleum Inc 52640,400.00
Stricklin-Snively Mortuary383810.97
Studebaker / Cerr. Ch. City Dump & Salvage28281,715.36
Studebaker / Loynes Disposal Site2828285.51
Sully-Miller Contracting Co,Bl24225.38
Superior Electrical Advertisin6256,980.00
Tabc, Inc1543615,046.68
Terra Exploration & Production1115,533.88
Texaco Refining & Marketing In148441,391.40
The Lansdale Company 11211,240.00
The Salvation Army, Thrift Sto110.00
The Termo Co 62811,640.00
Thums Long Beach Co 24245145,762.28
Tidelands Oil Production Co 145493,380.39
Tidelands Oil Production Compa74520,940.21
Tidelands Oil Production Compa429130,600.00
Tidelands Oil Production Compa41378,040.00
Total Equipment Rental Inc 6174,680.66
Toyota Logistics Services, Inc10717,017.83
Us Govt, Navy Dept Lb Shipyard1949189,427.69
Us Govt, Veterans Affairs Medi121346,404.80
Us Navy / Terminal Island Base282863,237.99
Valmont Coatings Calwest Galvanizing1110.00
Weissker, Herman Inc.2828285.51
Western Office Refinishing 69547.61
Western Tube & Conduit Corp 1242290,111.44
Westway Trading Corp 67914,692.91
Whalers Cove / City Salvage 1 & 228287,906.20