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Column information
Polluters in Lompoc, California
Bell Pump Station660.00
Celite Corporation322530285,355,309.17
Celite Products Corp23235,345.70
City Of Lompoc - Maintenance Operations14881,205.90
City Of Lompoc - Wwt Plant249132,059.58
City Of Lompoc-Landfill2626641.71
Fagerdala Usa Lompoc189124,873.47
Federal Correctional Institution1511334,855.11
Lompoc Burn Dump2828181.69
Lompoc Federal Prison Wwds / Lf28284,814.82
Lompoc Hospital District26500.08
Lompoc Sanitary Landfill28283,371.25
Lompoc Warehouse2382,748.00
Mary C Hayes Property2828181.69
Nuevo - Lompoc/Pt. Ped361091887,974.66
Nuevo - Lompoc/Pt. Ped2936393,360.25
Purisima Hills Llc - Blair Lease24381455,704.19
Sb Co Flood Control Disposal Site2828834.91
Union Asphalt - A St, Lompoc1029990.53