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Column information
Polluters in Livermore, California
Albertsons #702266266.68
American Precision Mfg111,827.58
Apac International 1188.27
Astro Pak Corp131,792.74
B&S Hacienda Auto Body142,144.04
Bank Of America 11377.25
Biofuel Systems152741,565.78
Black Mountain Spring Water, I1110.49
Bostrom'S Livermore Auto Body452,150.27
C David Gregory & Co Inc341,295.18
California Reflections2211.92
City Of Livermore Sewage Treat11123,372.99
Continuous Forms And Checks123,058.00
Del Valle Reservoir Ds28281,715.36
Doe'S Custom Cabinets13610.54
Doe-Kao Sandia National Labora2111217,467.92
East Avenue Cleaners22472.89
Evans Brothers Inc21231,819.48
Formfactor Inc131,928.00
Gaylord Container Corp 130.03
Gordon'S Auto Body 1163.69
Groth Bros Oldsmobile Inc141,049.77
Gsl Inc West 22180.24
Heritage Paper13936.00
Hexcel Corp.1213,107.00
Hexcel Corporation776101,660.06
J Cleaners22540.34
Jifco Inc1410,419.02
Johnson Controls, Inc123,796.11
L J Walch Co Inc11401.09
Lawrence Livermore National La2455448,923.70
Livermore Collision Center, In351,704.32
Livermore Dump28281,715.36
Lowe'S Hiw Inc663,083.17
Maas Brothers Inc132,317.02
Mektec Corporation 33253.55
Mike'S Cleaners 11532.89
Motivational Systems Inc261,435.64
Ms Carita Inc151,856.56
National Refractories & Minera120.01
New Basis 4459.41
Pacific Avenue Cleaners22393.57
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa1145.60
Packaging Innovators Corporati14875.01
Purity Cleaners & Laundry Inc221,806.48
Quality Cleaners11263.85
Quality Packaging Inc342,916.05
R Emmett Packaging 116.91
R Emmett Packaging132,683.67
Rc Ready Mix Co22877.80
Red'S Livermore Body Shop33298.76
Relizon Company13044,421.31
Republic Services Vasco Road,2840308,421.94
Reynolds & Reynolds 18644.78
Roselawn Cemetery 110.01
Schiffenhaus California, Inc6205,889.68
Seaway Semiconductor, Inc22583.47
Sierra Products Inc222,143.10
Special Cleaner22366.65
Spectrapower, Inc122,833.52
Spring Fresh Cleaners 11404.72
Trans Western Polymers Inc164,078.00
Tri-Valley Autobody6111,728.63
Tri-Valley Rop 3391.87
U S Veterans Administration Me824616.02
Usp Lumber Connectors11515.68
Utility Vault12847.97
Valley Memorial Hospital13311,070.69
Valmark Industries197,397.20
Vista Hardwood Shutters Inc126,538.05
Waste Management Of Alameda Co15361,307,522.57
Western Environmental Contract101087.58
Western Flavors And Fragrances142,246.80