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Polluters in La Habra, California
Alpha Beta Co./Ralph Grocery C85211,256.57
Arnold Circuits Inc 123,346.21
Chevron Usa Inc 348.45
Chevron Usa Inc.88147,174.00
Hessco Ind Inc13234,975.80
La Habra Disposal Station #1128281,715.36
La Habra High School 6103,260.00
La Habra Plating Co Inc331,484.19
Plastic Tops Inc 11360.00
Regal Cultured Marble Inc.1212,113.00
Site 63828281,715.36
Site 6382828285.51
Southern California Edison / La Habra2828285.51
Torch Operating Company 1141,562.30
Union Oil Co Of California11231.10
Union Oil Co Of California11010.60
Union Oil Co Of California1614.68
Union Oil Co Of California1714.59
Union Oil Co Of California2162,485.98
Union Oil Co Of California158.92
Union Oil Co Of California (Si436755.25
Union Oil Co Of California, Un63820,336.99
Union Oil Co Of California; (S198.88