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Polluters in Irvine, California
Packard Hughes Interconnect 196516,381.00
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc 4564123,869.25
B Braun Medical Inc.96165,396.13
Silverado Constructors 656832.72
Maruchan Inc 64014,881.22
Univ Of California Irvine840103,624.58
Motorola Corporation173913.85
Royalty Carpet Mills Inc 73841,303.56
Parker Hannifin Aerospace Corp183893,713.01
Edwards Lifesciences Llc 73536,900.00
Ricoh Electronics Inc 103557,108.92
3m Medical Products 83524,392.19
Raytheon Service Co 1534361.88
Plan Hold Corp 133413,203.58
The Dot Printer Inc 103154,643.03
Mazda North America Inc2130613.75
Joe Macpherson Chevrolet 8307,667.09
Deft Inc 82817,215.32
Kaiser Electroprecision 92876,955.02
Aqua Chinon Wash2828285.51
Coyote Canyon Sanitary Landfill2828718.69
Gold Coast Biomass28281,715.36
Lane Road Disposal Station #212828285.51
Frank R Bowerman Landfill282838,222.01
San Joaquin Road Disposal Station #13282863,237.99
Santiago Canyon Sanitary Landfill282839,890.97
El Toro Mcas #4/Site 17/Ou / 22828285.51
Jefferson Smurfit Corp 102768,828.20
General Construction Co. 62426,188.49
Amisub, Irvine Medical Ctr Dba62411,376.68
Ansys, Inc 10231,603.75
Allergan Inc 62226,587.44
Ocpc, Inc. 6207,119.07
Riston Keller Inc,The Stocklan92061,586.72
Gensiasicor Pharmaceuticals 62079,640.00
Tech Spray Inc41910,013.50
Renkus-Heinz, Inc 6182,574.57
San Diego Shutter Co Ron&Royce81723,189.84
Baxter Health Care Corp,Bentle6176,540.00
Giannico Inc 6151,907.94
Pacific Coast Printing 11510,692.00
Shipley'S Rentals Inc 61411,145.97
Sorin Biomedical Inc5149,947.48
Full Force Inc, New Age Graphi13140.17
Kyowa America Corp 6143,380.00
Gish Biomedical Inc 6128,558.16
Anabolic Laboratories Inc 81219,553.00
Cosmotronics Corp.7122,919.47
Mybar Printing Inc 6124,040.00
Bertea Corp Logistics Div 61132,371.05
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath 310212,155.00
Electrolurgy Inc 610640.00
Alcon Surgical Inc 6102,536.09
Spectrum Business Forms Inc 6100.00
Sterling Electric Inc9931.29
Barcel/Cdt, Inc.2955,317.90
Sully-Miller Contracting Co 696,302.65
Prudential Overall Supply 7929,870.80
Grondorf Field Black & Co 191,700.00
Newport Adhesives & Composites18960.00
Tuttle-Click Inc 6860.00
Gateway Sandblasting 6810,565.17
Tri-County Sanblasting Inc 6878,728.46
R&S Trading Co./Nyala Screenpr683,744.45
J E M Industries, Inc 66287.64
Penhall Company 662,234.30
Verizon Wireless 66534.00
New Age Graphics L.P., Full Fo26922.00
Xerox Corp6611.36
R. J. Noble Co 66396.43
Allergan Medical Optics45739.03
Tapmatic Corp15402.00
Alton Geoscience 445,070.03
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L245,640.00
Precision Offset Inc 149,374.19
Toshiba America Information Sy134,940.00
Boral Resources Inc, Irvine Pl3311.00
Calsonic Climate Control Inc3311,877.76
Program Data Inc23298.35
3m Co, Dental Products Div12632.80
Racal Dana Instruments Inc220.00
Shiley, Inc.22258.00
Printronix Inc228,273.33
Multilayer Tech. Inc.2210,600.00
Enthone Inc.12823.00
Ucar Composites2226.77
Pacific Color Connection 121,200.00
Second Source 11612.50
R C Designs International 111,860.00
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Irvine Plant110.00
Irvine Ranch Water Dist 1113.97
Western Digital Corp1161.58
National Semiconductor Co.110.02
Soundcoat Co. Inc.111.00
Shur-Lok Corp1173.94
Irvine Valencia Growers11435.00