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Polluters in Huntington Beach, California
Aera Energy Llc 2041784,285.40
Aera Energy Llc 6231739,758.31
Aes Huntington Beach, Llc401771,739,937.41
Air Chem Sys Inc 133,720.00
As / Con Landfill28281,715.36
Austin Plastic Inc 3516,467.60
B & B Enameling Inc 102525,536.10
Boucher Site / Bolsa Chica Lf282863,237.99
Braun Corp221,011.90
Cal Aurum Ind 6182,510.40
Cambro Manufacturing Co 113732,953.96
Cannery Street Disposal Station #162828285.51
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.013140586.09
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.0212448,411.98
Chevron Usa Inc.778,316.00
City Of Huntington Beach2828285.51
City Of Huntington Beach Landfill28287,906.20
Coatings Resource Corp 81141,905.00
Computer Finishing Inc. 7167,840.66
Crown Cleaners 6131,068.18
Dukesolutions Huntington Beach6614,159.20
Fox Hills Inds.124.00
Golden West Ref Co (Eis Use On205710.42
Goldenwest Laundry And Valet S6710,369.35
Huntington Beach City 6202,530.24
Huntington Beach City 6111,820.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4416,960.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D42444,360.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D440.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D440.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4421,120.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4328,020.00
Huntington Beach City, Water D4415,720.00
Huntington Beach Medical Cente613541.57
Joel Oviatt2828285.51
Joseph S. Fern2828285.51
Levitz Furniture Co Of The Pac2241,904.00
Lionel S. Peck28281,715.36
Mcdonnell Douglas Corp, Sub Of Boeing Co1810516,870.97
Mica Industries Inc 6114,477.65
Orange, Countyof - Sanitation 17272911,174.84
Pacific T-Top, Inc., Pacific A124,899.98
R W Mcclellan & Sons2828285.51
Rainbow Disposal Co Inc33370.27
Revco Products Inc11300.64
Rls Enter., Del-Craft Plastics1310,000.00
Rm Custom Wood Finishing, Ramo141,680.00
Shell Western E&P Inc157248,850.48
Skill Craft Enter Inc 1510,037.77
Skill-Craft Body Shop Inc 137,274.75
Standard Oil Company Of California #128281,715.36
Standard Oil Company Of California #228287,906.20
Standard Oil Of Calif. #1 Aka Chevron #128281,715.36
Sully Miller Constr. Co.#1 Aka S.M. Lake28287,906.20
Sunset Strip Furniture Strippi121,340.00
Taylor Street Station #4282863,237.99
Tiodize Inc 4612,422.00
Torch Operating Co 6614,615.82
Torch Operating Company 6131,776.58
Union Oil Co Of Cal83215.51
Unocal Corporation/Oil&Gas Div994,387.86
Wilbur E. Metzler28281,715.36