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Column information
Polluters in Hayward, California
A & A Body & Paint56605.12
A & K Body Paint1190.82
A & K Body Paint 119.58
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners 111,014.81
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners11945.90
Aarons Body Shop33379.36
Able Electronics Corp.110.65
Ac Transit12571.01
Ace Iron, Inc166,719.70
Acme Fiberglass, Inc21133,511.31
Advanced Fabrication Technolog113,109.91
Al & Leo Finishing Inc1312,730.08
Alameda County Mosquito Abatem332.64
Alameda Newspaper Group1525,170.00
All Cities Lf / Kofy Radio Site28287,906.20
Allan Motor Company 241,615.46
Allstar Ii Body Shop56749.97
Alonzo Printing Co, Inc1139,334.00
Alpha Magnetics Inc131,440.51
Alpine Cleaners22917.11
American Lithographers & Busin22776.73
American Lithographers & Busin62017,961.19
Ang Packaging Center112,049.69
Applied Biosystems Inc66235.86
Art Cleaners22805.71
Asap Drycleaning And Restorati11377.24
Atlantic Envelope Company11413,399.15
Auto Body Center 11154.96
Auto Sheet Metal Works 24155.29
Autocam California111,364.00
Automobile Collision Center13648.72
Automotive Collision Service352,766.90
Azims Auto Body & Painting2466.87
Baxter Health Care Corp, Hylan8232,186.45
Bay Area Crematory110.00
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum Comp5304,960.68
Bay Area Rapid Transit Distric3610,329.11
Bay Cities Auto Auction 484,750.09
Bay Equipment & Repair137,072.00
Berkeley Farms Inc61210,160.95
Cal Hi Tec Finishing Llc154,556.19
California Automotive Sealing,8126,755.11
California Hi Tec Finishing 241,049.28
California Hydronics Corp23375.69
California State University, H441.12
Central Concrete Supply - A Us243,963.96
Chapel Of The Chimes Memorial 110.01
Chemcentral/San Francisco6101,001.81
City Garage Frame Body Company46308.61
Clickner & Prater Industries, 2101,340.98
Colomex Frame & Body Shop3488.81
Commercial Pattern, Inc2328,689.89
Container Management Service-L82140,626.71
Cort Furniture Rental121,657.34
County Of Alameda66470.98
Crow Canyon Swds282863,237.99
Custom Commercial Dry Cleaners121,743.71
D W Nicholson Corporation112,892.38
Dan'S Body Shop2369.93
Davies Truck Repair & Detailin2250.00
Davis Wire Coporation95014,756.70
Deep Cleaner 111,349.08
Demello Truck Body & Trailer R1176.32
Dry Cleaner22398.98
Dryclean 580 111,052.28
Dumbarton Quarry Associates73341,518.48
Dupont Electronic Technologies115,556.75
Dutra Materials/San Rafael Roc283,388.17
Dynasty Cleaners22909.17
Earl Scheib Auto Paint Shop124,130.38
East Bay Auto Body & Repair Sh125.85
East Bay Dischargers Authority66251.62
Ekc Technology 58425.01
Estrada'S Body & Paint 1168.69
Etec Systems Inc23521.80
Exxonmobil C/O Eri111.54
Finisar Corp12597.64
Flightcraft Inc518442.57
Florence & New Italian Art Com366,469.37
Folgergraphics, Inc2124,359.71
Former Mobil Station 10-G9b C/110.60
Freund Baking Company7106,538.64
G & G Enterprises461,684.08
Gabbert Entreprises, Inc Dba A111,640.00
Gel Pak121,128.00
Gillig Corporation35781,851.65
Grand Collision Center121,754.92
Graphic Coating Company 2212.94
H & C Finishers369,377.93
Hayward Auto Imports Inc11135.20
Hayward Body Shop Inc471,214.18
Hayward Cabinet And Constructi111,610.00
Hayward Jet Center13212.00
Hayward One Hour Cleaners 11654.30
Hayward Waste Water Treatment2343133,392.91
Heat & Control Inc44175.97
Henkel Adhesives11744.63
High Lustre Metal Finishing110.00
Highland Cleaners221,914.83
Htb Inc 118,046.49
Hygrade/Brook Furniture Rental122,898.58
Injex Industries Inc121,566.22
Inland Industrial Tire North,362,662.43
J & B Auto Body25625.30
Jackson Cleaners22780.18
Jjb Auto Body Repair 1136.05
Kaiser Foundation Hospital142.01
Keith'S Body Shop461,992.17
King Kovers Inc23551.68
Kla Tencor Corporation11138.32
Kleen Blast6184,479.41
Kobe Precision Inc221,034.06
Lascon'S Auto Body 110.27
Laserform Inc11367.50
Lee'S Auto Body2429.92
Lucky Cleaners222,004.81
Maas Tech Coat Inc243,489.27
Maier Racing Enterprises123,776.00
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc 1224.08
Marko Foam Products Inc81352,877.93
Meddco Metals 223,049.67
Microsil Corporation11139.97
Miracle Auto Painting 22179.47
Montague Company122,195.11
Morgan Advanced Ceramics6122,986.71
New Concept Cultured Marble234,373.87
Nippon Fusso America Inc 236.66
Novalek, Inc92433,510.01
Old West Winton Landfill28287,906.20
Owens Brockway Glass Container8561,061,339.79
P & S Sales 2211.60
Pacific Bell66758.73
Pacific Bell66324.90
Pacific Finishings Company154,890.39
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa619717.57
Pacific Tech Products11611.58
Paktica Auto Repair & Body3377.30
Pentagon Technologies Inc3112,679.98
Pepe'S Auto Body24742.41
Perry & Key Body Shop253,106.74
Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking11228.50
Planter Technology Inc12468.26
Qip Jr, Inc252,493.46
R & S Erection351,265.67
Rainbow Auto Body35695.75
Rainbow Cleaners11416.37
Rainbow Cleaners11277.38
Rob'S Auto Machine77153.29
Rohm And Haas Co,Polymers & Re13119105,242.12
Royal Chemical Company110.39
Runnels Industries, Inc4188,301.61
Sal'S Body Shop 2231.01
Sal'S Body Shop131,818.84
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Foodserv3103,568.95
Selix Formalwear2313,859.74
Sew Eurodrive, Inc35622.85
Sf Tube, Inc111,342.00
Shanklin Body & Shop34831.22
Silktech Cleaners221,192.61
Smw Seiko Inc222.91
Souza Autobody 22150.28
Spectrum Label Corporation194,184.00
Sprayco 1138.53
St Rose Hospital9172,308.38
Stiles Paint Mfg Inc41042,495.71
Suburban Press194,522.00
Sun Autobody11392.61
Sunny Designs Inc126,875.15
Sunny J Cleaners1193.61
Sunshine Center Cleaners22825.55
Surtec, Inc132,325.49
Teikuro America Company, Ltd330.21
Terra Vac Corporation118.31
Terry'S Body Shop24808.02
The Century Mark 12271.73
The Masters12678.32
Thermionics Metal Processing I232,154.47
Tommy'S Auto Body465,205.52
Tony Brito Auto Body Shop, Inc2217.89
Town & Country Cleaners221,796.02
Trajen Inc141,607.28
Trimac Transportation Services220.31
Tung Fei Plastic Inc11358.00
Tuscarora Inc61349,345.10
United Can Company 32820,050.58
V V Auto Body Shop 12129.43
Valspar Coatings14363,782.43
West Cabinets Inc3436,573.75
Western Truck Fabrication133,160.53
Westside Gas11108.98
Whipple Auto Body252,844.95
White Cap, Inc, C/O Streamborn116,175.62
Wholesale Cleaners 11242.83
Wilma'S Collision Repair261,738.42
Wilson Way Tire Sales11791.20