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Polluters in Gilroy, California
Architectural Facades Unlimite12838.00
Bay Sheets668,849.66
Brenda'S Classic Cleaners221,575.10
Brite-N-Clean Cleaners 11442.50
Calif Door Corp117,821.44
Cam Automotive1235.65
City Of Gilroy28281,715.36
Conagra Foods8204,013.84
Conagra Foods, Gilroy Foods810733,909.94
Creative Labels Inc121,318.00
De Luna Furniture Refinishing23749.71
Excel Auto Body & Paint6103,015.54
G N Renn Inc5133,368.59
Gavilan Hills Crematory110.00
Germain Technology Group730809.87
Gilroy Collision Center157,538.68
Gilroy Energy Center, Llc844630,556.14
Granite Construction Company2126,505.22
Granite Rock Company210910.39
Heartwood Cabinets11235,947.68
Hogue Bros Body Shop4104,318.59
Ideal Environmental Products242,531.17
Indian Motorcycle Corp11425.60
Indian Motorcycle Corporation2814,110.01
Inland Paperboard & Packaging,8163,049.13
Johnny'S Custom Auto Body261,554.44
Kelly'S Cleaners 111,361.79
L And D Elam682,206.35
Master Cleaners221,079.28
Mathison Auto Body 114.50
Metech International, Llc6242,703.43
Metech, International 160.05
Mike'S Spectrum Paint Works482,044.12
Monier Lifetile Llc881,039.62
Norcal Waste Systems Pacheco P37252,311.66
Pacheco Pass Sanitary Landfill28286,260.71
Parisian Laundry & Cleaners 111,011.81
Patriot Resources Llc26313.46
Precision Metal Finishing 465.18
Premier Auto Body & Refinishin186,090.70
Rmc Engineering Co Inc41110,204.57
Saint Louise Regional Hospital92812,352.02
Scientific Games, Inc 110.00
South County Regional Wastewat7144,606.99
South County Regional Wastewat661,166.92
South Valley Refuse Disposal, 1515110.96
Star Concrete22212.52
Toro Petroleum Corp5203,733.43
Union Body Shop25792.59
Verizon California66311.14
Versaco Manufacturing Inc44931.80
Westwood Cleaners11540.00
Z-Best Composting Facility152328,234.80