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Polluters in Gardena, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9217,985.40
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8156,816.26
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc371,056.77
Abrasive Finishing Co 3920,415.00
Advanced Coating & Silkscreening Inc16328,445.09
Am Cabinets, Inc. 9133,390.14
American Racing Equipment Inc 8157,607.91
Angelus Plating Wks 615160.00
Aranda'S Woodcraft Inc 12600.00
Assoc Spring Barnes Grp Inc,As111,164.00
B & G House Of Printing, Inc. 165,860.00
B & W Tile Co Inc126.77
Cal Gasket Corp33234.90
Cali-Blok/Eis Brake Parts227,312.00
Carcoa Auto Painting 6116,574.15
Casual Lamps Of California4242,247.60
Chromalloy Los Angeles 6258,419.27
Coast Plating Inc 6169,700.00
Coast Plating Inc 660.00
Coastcast Inc162912,346.68
Complete Auto Center Co 13504.37
Consol Lauco Sys371,171.37
Container Exchange Internation123,477.41
Coronet Mfg Co Inc 94437,251.00
Costa Incorporated 111,168.00
Crown Furniture Manufacturing,1115,500.00
Del Mar Die Casting Co., Inc111,220.00
Deutsch American Pneumatic Too6103,221.83
Deutsch Co, Metal Components D134150,786.71
Deutsch Metal Components - Uni121239,810.24
Die Cast Prod. Inc 133015,490.35
Emerson & Cuming, Inc.5524,175.00
Foremost Enameling Co 6152,920.00
Freeman Products 6100.00
Fwy Port Motors Inc 137,813.66
Gardena City Senior Citizen Home282863,237.99
Gardena Senior Housing28281,715.36
Gasket Mfg Co Inc117,193.00
H. W. Hull & Sons Inc41271,962.00
Harold Johnson Optical Laborat6105,992.07
Hitco Carbon Composites Inc 23337252,083.27
I. M. Ginsburg Furniture Co In7106,413.51
Independent Ink Inc.361,500.00
Ips Corp.127,212.00
Ital Art Design Inc 127,870.70
Jonathan Louis Intl 1746,880.00
Kaskanian Enterprises Inc 155,360.00
Kt Furniture Corp 147,180.00
L3 Communications Power Magnetics110.00
La Co., Sanitation Dist. Garde6620.00
Leviton Mfg. Pacific Electricord Co.1116.00
Lilly Industries Inc561,170.23
Luseaux Laboratories, Inc.440.20
Major Brass Fndy. Inc.127.00
Mech Metal Finishing Co 91091,700.88
Met Industries Inc 623459.00
Mills Iron Wks Inc 71433,442.63
Mobile Storage Group Inc 119,799.97
Morton International Inc551,515.00
Nissin Foods (Usa) Co., Inc. 73534,690.63
O.T.Y. Inc 668,496.06
Ohline 132630,328.73
Onxy Industrial Services 61551,774.08
P.B. Fasteners121738,572.78
Pass & Seymour Legrand, Inc.666,967.31
Permalite Repromedia Corp 93190,994.00
Philip Sicola Designs 15620.00
Plasma Coating Corp 619344.00
Power Paragon Inc 6209,874.77
Putzmeister, Inc. 6186,474.15
Ram Production Corp.6614,866.30
Reliance Upholstery Supply Co34104,374.10
Reliance Upholstery Supply Co 61013,397.56
Rocket Cleaners & Laundry 672,568.93
Rotor Exchange Inc 388,600.00
Rubber-Teck Inc6116,112.13
Saman Inc 672,700.00
Sani-Top Inc 685,299.90
Stabond Corp337,164.00
Stone Mfg Co 12174,905.80
Swift-Cor 82711,441.98
T & V Ind Inc31262,708.65
T & V Ind Inc22303.60
T&V Industries 5102,124.80
Taxi Systems Inc 6102,383.02
Tech Etch / Merel Inc7716,770.56
Terra Exploration & Production4210.00
Tp Industrial, Inc 171,901.76
Vanguard Energy Sys 485,300.00
Waltco Engineering Co11215,220.00
Washington Iron Works 93312,166.88
Western Sch Equip332,995.55
Western Sch Equip333,862.95