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Polluters in Fullerton, California
Alcoa Fastening Sys. Fullerton Ops.4690,292.28
American Electronics Inc 13279,613.33
Bbe Sound Inc, G & L Musical P144,720.00
Beckman Instruments Inc (Eis &105240,788.00
Bi Technoligies Corporation64517,930.10
Bi Technologies, Corporation 6246,090.40
California State University, F4273102.32
Cartwright Electronics Inc22815.29
Chevron West Coyote Hills Site 10028287,906.20
Cone Chevrolet Co Inc 6128,329.38
Corru-Kraft Iv12132.88
Country Affaire, Inc 1619,040.00
Crossroads Cleaners 671,687.28
D J Wagner Touch Of Class 3231,261.48
Designing Mfg Installation 162210,695.85
Fairchild Holding Corp, Fairchild Fasten1212184,356.07
Fullerton Muni612608,692.13
Fullerton Union Hi Sch Dist, F6202,760.00
Golden West Tech.120.20
Guardian Industries Corp. 99208,991.95
Hughes Aerospace & Electronics2917314,065.32
Hunt-Wesson Inc 115739,461.19
Johnson Controls Battery Group1010223,793.35
Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.-1586308,528.88
Kryler Corp 613860.00
Loma Vista Mem Park3535135.00
Mccoll Site28287,906.20
Milford Rivet2261,607.00
Modular Systems Services, Inc 126,940.00
Nelco Prod. Inc 92310,176.21
Nordstrom Inc 67220.00
Or. Co. Painting 112358,805.01
Orange County Metal Processing113,040.00
Pacific Miniatures, Trileen In61512,780.00
Pacific Seacraft Corp 2939,451.48
Parkinson Enterprises Inc 1525,117.19
Pca Metal Finishing, Inc 102196,865.46
Plasticolor Molded Prod. Inc 6729,799.20
Polara Engineering Inc 12553.22
Prime Energy Systems Store #346120.00
Pro-Skate Laminants, 1st Class11396.65
Renaissance Doors And Windows 61226,542.39
S & H Rubber Inc22914.00
Salman Inc6620,362.00
Scientific Spray Finishes Inc 102623,440.00
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central97815,505.92
Son'S Auto Care Centre,Luck Jo131,200.00
St Jude Medical Center 7269,344.49
Stone Container Corp 61113,700.00
Sunclipse Inc, Corru-Kraft Iv 14158,068.18
Sunny Hills High School 6103,640.00
Superior Fireplace Co355,580.00
Superior Fireplace Co333,664.40
Trico Converting, Inc 693,320.00
United Can Co2229,786.30
Unocal Corporation/Oil&Gas Div44825.58
Unocal, Oil & Gas Div; Coyote11124.53
Vista Paint Corp 7956,700.00
Weber Aircraft Inc 162733,229.56
Winonics Inc55140.90
Woodcrest Mfg. Inc.224,190.00