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Column information
Polluters in Fremont, California
Abgenix Inc6145,782.48
Abgenix Inc66150.57
Adesa Corporation1613,181.77
Advantage Body Shop231,399.14
Aiwa Research & Development,In112.52
Alameda County Water District151711,686.87
Alameda County Water District56299.32
Albertsons #713466266.68
Algorx Pharmaceuticals, Inc11171.20
America Cleaners22518.76
American Xtal Technology31629,520.61
Applied Ceramics Inc134,340.10
Applied Thin-Film Products473,359.43
Arden Cleaners11659.48
Ardenwood Cleaners221,093.74
Ascor Inc11193.60
Auto Tech Body & Frame11215.17
Bay Internet, Inc111,140.04
Bay-Con, Inc1714,482.61
Berumen'S Body Shop1215.27
Bliss Industries, Inc122,995.31
Bo-Mar Cleaners 11135.91
Bodycote Alphabraze121,067.17
Borden Chemical Inc.488,107.00
Borden Packaging & Industrial105361,366.41
Boston Scientific/Target252,039.58
Bradley Nameplate Corporation11180.00
Calogic Corporation 23220.55
Cardinal Health141,844.00
Cedar Lawn Memorial Park & Mor110.01
Center Square Cleaners11675.00
Central Chevrolet Co4107,218.79
Certainteed Corporation54712,240.74
Cha Industries341,099.70
Christy Concrete Products/Div681,430.48
Clean Sciences Llc14528.00
Coelho'S Body Repair & Sales25577.10
Commercial Casework, Inc123,874.08
Crist Oil Company5152,886.60
Crown Cork & Seal Company 44443,775.38
Cyantek Corporation 110.01
Dna Sciences Inc551,610.51
Dumbarton Quarry Associates830177,250.25
Eic Corporation2311,316.30
Elegant Cleaners22953.26
Elo Touchsystems227,625.56
Enclosures Engineering, Inc11159,092.96
Exar Corporation110.01
Exclusive Metal Craft 11415.95
Exclusive Metal Craft Inc141,076.27
Exhibitgroup 23165.89
Exxonmobil C/O Etic11178.84
Exxonmobil C/O Etic 120.03
Fine Pitch22943.96
Fine Pitch Tech.110.04
Finisar Corporation11490.35
Fleet Repair Systems13985.72
Fremont French Cleaners11141.12
Gateway Cleaners 111,281.62
Ge Nova Sensor Inc24900.99
Global Plating, Inc89726.02
Hcm Research Inc111,517.41
Heraeus Amersil Inc 110.20
Hewlett Packard Corporation618581.00
Hollywood Cleaners 11148.40
Hoya Corporation Usa6101,126.49
Iht Corporation1114.19
Industrial Electric Mfg Inc71610,356.35
Inlight Communications, Inc113.96
Intarsia Corporation 2270.65
Intel Corporation662,452.77
Invivo 11106.19
Irvington Body Shop331,103.51
Irvington Memorial Cemetery612893.39
Isola Laminate Systems, Corp417134,761.06
It Corporation120.06
Jamm Industrial Enterprises In252,012.77
Kaiser Permanente Medical Cent3151.63
Kelly'S Concrete & Building Ma3313,334.40
Kings Cleaners11188.87
Kohl & Madden194,031.73
L & L Nursery Supply Inc36271.04
Lam Research Corporation11141.60
Lam Research Corporation1172.00
Lee'S Imperial Welding Inc221,933.49
Lsi Logic Corporation14467.04
Luxnet Corporation11817.80
M2 Collision Care Center163,475.75
Mallar Finishing257,361.67
Mattson Technology11124.00
Mcclanahan Trailer And Truck B492,462.48
Mcghan Medical Corporation 243.16
Meadow Cleaners22847.21
Melrose Metal Products, Inc 11429.31
Menlo Industries, Inc3317.36
Microwave Technology, Inc22723.06
Mission Valley Coffee Roasting220.60
Mission Valley Holiday Cleaner221,012.04
Mj Collision Center 110.00
Modus Media International114,022.00
Nationwide Boiler Inc4711,245.86
New United Motor Manufacturing245251,588,065.92
Nitinol Devices & Components12144.80
Nortel Networks - Xros Divisio121,582.46
Oakland Air Route Traffic Cont6366,014.92
Oerdex Corporation 1199.11
Olympic Screen Crafts141,575.20
Opsys Us Corporation11608.37
Pacific Bell661,036.23
Pacific Conveyor Co113.26
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa11232.25
Pantronix Corporation122,501.00
Pegasus One Hour Cleaners 11569.99
Perkinelmer Optoelectronics3105,516.49
Plaza Cleaners11553.12
Plexus Corp. Fca110.03
Precision Paint & Body1126.06
Quality Cleaner 11526.14
Quikrete Northern California61420,383.80
Read-Rite Corporation6207,221.77
Read-Rite Corporation4105.01
S & R Precision Company135,392.41
Sanmina Plant #512794.38
Savings One Hour Cleaners224,012.22
Scientific Technologies Inc123,046.61
Scott Specialty Gases, Inc67286.08
Scotty'S Auto Body4133,479.46
Seagate Recording Media Operat51311,702.84
Seoul Autobody Shop122,620.36
Skil-Painting Inc33183.81
Smart Cleaners221,424.31
Solorio'S Body Shop3344.48
Something Special Car Wash11378.64
Southbay Rental Equipment Repa22494.00
Sparklizing Cleaners 11920.74
Sparqtron Inc.115.00
Spectrum Litho27976.98
Star Dry Cleaners11742.50
Stars Cleaners221,489.94
State Cleaners Inc221,036.84
Steve'S Body Shop252,019.88
Storage Express Inc111,349.47
Sumitomo Sitix Silicon335.27
Sun Office Furniture12897.01
Super Cleaners223,134.50
Surgx Corp 221,035.78
T G I F Body Shop1270.64
T J Bros Inc242,902.90
Tactical Fabs Inc11189.60
Tender Touch Cleaners 11876.90
The T G I F Body Shop3113,891.20
Tosco C/O Environmental Resolu110.00
Township Body Repairs Inc 22798.37
Township Cleaners221,697.64
Tri City Body & Paint24662.68
Tri-Cities Recycling2126246,430.37
Truck-Rail Handling Inc711449.01
Try-City Cleaners11404.72
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Inc11860.22
Unigen Inc11424.00
Union Sanitary Dist, Irvington13144,142.87
Union Sanitary Dist, Paseo Pad671,228.41
United Dry Cleaner22637.33
United States Gypsum71468,762.45
Univeral Industrial Finishing153,803.42
Valmark Industries, Inc141,595.82
Victron Inc234,443.91
Walnut Cleaners22705.21
Walters & Wolf Glass Co1210,868.80
Walters & Wolf Precast123,904.10
Washington Hospital8166,713.31
Wavesplitter Technologies Inc12600.06
Wellex Corporation131,719.17
Western Precooling Systems 12166.47
Xo Communications Inc66201.97
Zomax Incorporated385,247.44