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Polluters in Fontana, California
Advanced Environmental Inc.115.00
Alameda Painting Co., Inc. 144,340.00
Alameda Painting Co.,Inc332,548.00
American Security Products Co 184854,266.63
American Security Products Inc1922,517.37
Ameron Steel Fabrication Divis72120,846.33
Avila Auto Body, Inc. 12660.00
Blue Diamond Materials, Fontan8101,410.65
Bredero Price Company 61815,071.53
Brooks Products1116,871.00
Building Materials Manufacturing Corp.837171,833.35
C L Pharris Sand & Gravel Inc 373,852.80
California Moulding Co 1515,791.81
California Steel Industries In363351,002,553.38
Chatfield-Clark Co Inc 1159.27
Clark Pacific 723127,341.33
Continental Coatings Inc 131629,133.70
Fontana Paper Mills Inc 104342,367.52
Fontana Wood Preserving2210.00
Forged Metals Inc 6643,260.00
Foundation Pile Inc.6648,064.34
Fourth Street Rock Crushers 221,612.00
Gold Shield Fiberglass Of California Inc. 58-22459,504.00
Goldshield Fiberglass, Inc, Pl1123212,468.27
Greif Bros Corp 72120,867.92
Hartman Ind Inc6613,902.40
James Hardie Building Products63728,067.20
Jdc Industries33955.50
Kaiser Foundation Hospital112847,281.00
Kaiser Steel Resources Inc.24164.60
Kemiron Pacific Inc.115.00
Kinro Inc 6911,100.00
Koch Fuels Inc, Koch Materials141419.84
Layne Christensen Co 61811,198.87
Lightolier Inc 67356.39
Mobile Storage Group Inc 114,406.03
Oregon Steel Mills-Fontana Div111156.91
Pacific Diazo Prods. Inc. Fontana11750.00
Pacific Forge Inc 688,580.00
Patrick Industries Inc 566,320.74
Pioneer Roofing Tile, Inc. 61310,371.99
Premier Metal Prod.551,364.08
Road Systems Inc3343,330.00
Robertson'S Ready Mix Inc 351,520.80
Ruan Leasing Company 618315.81
S & H Cabinets & Mfg, Inc 196,357.04
Sierra Aluminum Company 95124,068.19
Southern California Auto Auction668,160.00
Southern California Screen Pri6107,080.00
Speciality Finishes Co 71618,229.38
Supreme Truck Bodies Of Cal339,443.90
Tandem Industries 203226,044.70
Timco 156967,277.32
Treon Steel Fabricators Inc224,943.50
Van Can Co.4820,250.00
Van Can Company91864,544.99
Viking Tire Co 66108.45
Vista Metals Corporation 2065117,269.97
Wadco Ind Inc 111,467.06