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Polluters in El Monte, California
Beagle Mfg Co Inc351,555.00
Bell Pontiac/Gmc Inc 684,926.13
C & R Printed Bag Co Inc103384,510.41
Ce Adams / Arroyo High School2828285.51
Cervitor Kitchens Inc 102510,129.57
Clayton Manufacturing Company 6312,300.00
Crown City Plating Co.1211512,673.36
Eagle Metal Finishing Co Inc220.75
El Monte612752,139.95
El Monte City 613400.00
El Monte Ford Inc22514.00
El Monte Pit Disposal Site28287,906.20
El Monte Plating Co, Darrel Je68340.00
Electronic Solutions, A Zero C22702.64
Ellis Ind Inc 671,659.67
Gregg Industries Inc 163887,093.25
James Jones Co.124.00
Kotoff & Co Inc332,332.02
La Co., Sanitation Dist No.2 17403,062.58
La Co.,Dept Of Public Wrks,El 6141,480.00
Longo Toyota, D Longo Inc 6149,816.00
M.C. Gill Corp 165152,424.81
Martin Litwin282863,237.99
Mcconnell Cabinets Inc 1525330,791.30
Miller Dial Corp 135439,434.86
Navcom Defense Electronics Inc125022,807.26
Pacific Sandblasting Co Inc 62266,133.37
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc 1299403,424.49
Sargent Fletcher Inc123937,976.14
Signet Scientific Co112,117.00
The Vons Companies Inc 25633,805.75
The Vons Companies Inc425797.39
Trail Chem Corp33172.30
Valley Brass Inc 9633,216.48