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Polluters in El Cajon, California
Abacor Inc883,727.44
Advantage Cleaners22488.70
Allied Castings Inc.1315475.58
American Metal Processing, Inc661,731.15
Arco #1664888,898.00
Arco #1677887,194.39
Arco #5137886,505.00
Arco #5176886,159.10
Arco #5231883,830.63
Arco #640885,876.33
Arco #9532885,696.06
Arco #9533883,431.70
Arco #9559884,077.23
Arco #9562884,445.62
Arco #9572887,973.89
Arco #9573884,764.35
Arco #9577883,909.89
Arco #9758884,257.17
Arco #9759884,820.33
Arco / El Cajon886,369.62
Arco / Lake Jennings8813,741.38
Arco Pdl Mini Market885,999.31
Auto Tech Service Center88529.56
Baker Bob Chevrolet & Geo881,559.94
Best Auto Wholesaler881,046.80
Bestway Cleaners22232.20
Brinks Designs88595.24
Buck Knives, Inc11124,118.06
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc El Cajon31663,850.02
Caldera Spas71238,223.02
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch88725.37
Carcoa / El Cajon884,581.31
Carcoa Quality Body And Paint 881,293.11
Carpenter Special Products444,839.88
Chevron / Mollison Ave El Cajo885,912.09
Chromalloy San Diego132064.12
Circle K #1787881,730.00
Coit Services22900.45
Crystal Cleaners22200.48
Daves Custom Boats10121,822.32
Decco Castings Inc.12142,130.23
Dopaco Inc671,085,424.11
Dry Clean Usa / El Cajon22529.20
El Cajon 1 Hour Drycleaning & 22500.85
Exxon #1017884,355.60
Exxon #1018884,585.97
Exxon #1019883,822.36
G&M Oil #94 / Chevron883,018.51
G&M Oil / El Cajon8817,798.98
Gas Stop / El Cajon88850.02
Gkn Aerospace Chem-Tronics Inc.355,370.00
Gkn Aerospace Chemtronics Inc3510240,296.27
Golden State Gas / El Cajon8810,728.49
Grossmont Union School Distric8861.58
Hanson Aggregates - El Cajon2013640,583.84
Heartland Cleaners Inc22240.30
In Line Collision Specialists882,216.76
Jamacha Cleaners22874.80
Ketema / A & E Division213911,358.43
Magic Cleaners22535.95
Marck Motors Body Shop883,165.04
Mcgrath C W Inc88158.05
Mendez Jessie Auto Body88993.44
Mobil / Greenfield Dr886,827.92
Mobil / Los Coches Rd El Cajon884,341.71
Montes Metal Finishing1924869.47
Neptune Of San Diego23231,265.17
Noble Concepts Inc.81026,503.72
Paintex Services8836.95
Park Cleaners22149.85
Partner Press Llc1310,045.61
Pepin Deli881,763.58
Precision Metal Products1526112.80
Psm Truck Equipment Inc / Dena884,507.42
Ram 9988866.84
Rector Equipment & Truck Bodie88422.83
S. D. County - Gillespie Landf27474,089.36
S. D. County - Jamacha Landfil274716,493.15
Scheib Earl Of Ca / El Cajon887,742.25
Senior Flexonics Ketema Div.22756.80
Shell Oil / El Cajon88987.17
Sks Pacific Pride88780.67
Sloan Canyon Sand Co315034,241.23
Soco Group / Barnicle Oil8818,145.17
Southland / Broadway El Cajon881,233.13
Southland / Graves Avenue El C882,886.87
Southland / Jamacha Rd El Cajo881,373.26
Southland / Old Hy 80 El Cajon883,172.30
Specialized Processing Co., In12173,568.21
Strip Shop The4411,033.00
Taylor Guitars111619,472.85
Texaco #121435886,087.54
Texaco / Jamacha Rd883,461.81
Texaco / Magnolia Av N883,432.59
Tipton Enterprises Inc881,547.63
Tower Cleaners22206.55
Town & Country Cleaners22534.60
Townsend Gene Auto Body882,594.43
Triumph Components San Diego Inc.112.02
Triumph Components San Diego I1623336.84
Ultra Custom Boats Of Sd4724,405.30
Ultramar / El Cajon887,253.75
Unocal / 2nd Street El Cajon884,345.41
Unocal / Fletcher Pkwy El Cajo884,524.81
Unocal / Main Street El Cajon884,626.54
Valley Casework8857,069.73
Vision Systems Inc172020,433.60
Waterdog Products Inc3134,150.72
Wilclif Inc555,149.87
Williams Jack Auto Body & Pain881,896.56