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Polluters in Downey, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11218,036.13
Aerojet Ordnance Co464670,821.12
American United Products33230.73
Astro Pak Corporation 6178,000.00
Auto Limar Inc 123,750.11
Cal Truck Equip Co 3616,199.28
Downey Comm Hosp 687,000.00
Duray Inc 691,400.00
General Dynamics Ots (Downey) Inc123213,793.37
K. F. Fiberglass, Inc. 2589,210.00
La Co., Probation Dept 6125,538.67
La Co., Rancho Los Amigos Medi3010169,197.87
Leadway Plastics Corp 132,260.00
National O-Ring (Dba Hutchinson Seal Corp.)127,022.00
Pacific Auto Body Corp. 693,120.00
Pacific Collision Center Of Do112,620.00
Penske Toyota 686,460.00
Rite Engineering & Mfg Corp 6181,321.02
Rose Cleaners 672,571.63
Spartan Lacquer & Paint Corp 33990.51
Storopack/Foam Pac 71011,386.00
The Boeing Company 1220024,798.00
The Strip Shop 124,582.79