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Column information
Polluters in Delano, California
A & P Growers61018,917.85
Aes Delano Inc6421,443,797.55
Agri-Cel, Inc.3012416,748.77
Anthony Welded Products Inc155,920.00
Arco #05634 - Sikander Jassar416371.32
Cal Dept Of Corrections Delano6201,544.58
County Line Chevron416407.81
Delano #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Delano Cleaners11945.00
Delano Growers Grape Products72023,258.50
E&B Natural Resources Mgmt61824,340.31
Fastrip Oil Company416271.88
G L'S Mini Mart41663.92
Galleria Chevron And Kings Liquors416225.85
Gil'S Body Shop11116.16
Gotland Oil Inc678,025.94
Gotland Oil Inc6810,442.78
Jaco Oil Company416251.06
M & L Cold Storage66113.30
Pioneer Truck Stop41629.55
Rio Bravo Jasmin945553,830.41
Rio Bravo Poso952608,818.07
Sabor Corp Thrifty Best Pumping Service282836,458.37
Seneca Resources65434,346.75
Styrotek Inc625534,256.40
Styrotek Inc.2130158.49
Tetra Oil Co1110,300.00
Us Oil & Gas110.00
Usa Petroleum Corp #218416232.30