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Polluters in Daly City, California
Auto Collision Center493,869.11
B&P Auto Body22205.09
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame225,532.84
City Of Daly City66509.12
City Of Daly City66229.86
City Of Daly City35219.23
Collision Specialist11102.02
Colma Auto Body Shop Inc1114.99
Crocker Cleaners121,879.23
D'Garcis Auto Body56958.23
Exxon Company C/O Environmenta117.22
Franco Consolacion C/O Rrm112.40
Gomez Iron Works13377.38
Harris Brothers Auto Body36601.50
Hilltop Cleaners222,405.96
J & M Auto Body Shop25970.17
Jofran Cleaners22780.41
Masters Auto Body241,354.18
Mussel Rock Disposal Site28284,438.89
National Cleaners223,737.98
North San Mateo County Sanitat205048,322.21
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa59188.91
Par Auto Body Shop571,642.79
Premier Roaster, Llc6166,803.40
S & W Coffee Company 110.00
Seton Medical Center92010,978.06
Skyline Cleaning Center233,109.08
Southgate Cleaners221,032.94
Sylvan Auto Body44456.04
Tidy Cleaners22616.04
Tosco Marketing Company11177.44
Twin Cleaners11384.49
View Rite493,249.50
Westlake French Cleaners221,191.93