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Polluters in Cupertino, California
Hanson Permanente Cement2718510,699,971.77
Stevens Creek Quarry Inc154444,707.24
Hewlett-Packard Corporation6423,193.61
Anderson Chevrolet9121,906.28
Hewlett Packard Company612715.33
Pg&E Cupertino Service Center55944.04
Tom Brown'S House Of Miracles241,490.09
Smi Holdings, Llc C/O Levine F231,791.31
Tandem Division Compaq Compute1328.79
Syva Company - Dade Behring33141.07
Scotty'S Cleaners22948.68
Dryclean Pro221,625.43
One Hour Martinizing By Lee22866.34
Mcclellan Square Cleaners 121,591.91
Holiday Cleaners Of America221,128.79
Apple Computer 1216.22
Durect Corporation11200.00
Cupertino Village Cleaners11343.71
One Price Cleaners 114,985.15
Valley Cleaners 11982.33
Intercil C/O Geomatrix1158.80
Exxon Company Usa C/O Etic110.02
Cupertino Village Cleaners 11310.29