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Polluters in Cupertino, California
Hanson Permanente Cement2718510,699,971.77
Stevens Creek Quarry Inc154444,707.24
One Price Cleaners 114,985.15
Hewlett-Packard Corporation6423,193.61
Anderson Chevrolet9121,906.28
Smi Holdings, Llc C/O Levine F231,791.31
Dryclean Pro221,625.43
Mcclellan Square Cleaners 121,591.91
Tom Brown'S House Of Miracles241,490.09
Holiday Cleaners Of America221,128.79
Valley Cleaners 11982.33
Scotty'S Cleaners22948.68
Pg&E Cupertino Service Center55944.04
One Hour Martinizing By Lee22866.34
Hewlett Packard Company612715.33
Cupertino Village Cleaners11343.71
Cupertino Village Cleaners 11310.29
Durect Corporation11200.00
Syva Company - Dade Behring33141.07
Intercil C/O Geomatrix1158.80
Tandem Division Compaq Compute1328.79
Apple Computer 1216.22
Exxon Company Usa C/O Etic110.02