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Polluters in Costa Mesa, California
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc92010,671.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc39835.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8201,365.00
Bay Ornamental Iron & Welding 691,731.64
Brunswick Corp, Defense Div661,521.00
Canon Business Machines Inc 134437,363.03
Ceradyne Inc 92929,391.61
Cimco, Cal Injection Molding C11740.00
Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaners674,170.47
Creel Printing Company Of California, Inc.81524,285.36
Dana Creath Designs Inc 1121,320.00
Earl Scheib Of Cal Inc 134,620.00
Eaton Corporation, Msc Product668,417.05
Epe Technologies, Inc22146.60
Fairview Developmental Center 62831,038.86
Flexible Metal Hose Mfg Co 610417.60
Frye & Smith4195,805.39
Griswold Industries56307.36
Gulton Statham Transducers 92723,957.23
Hartley Co.11300.00
J. D. Lincoln Inc.249,806.00
Kyowa America Corp 111969,265.40
Los Angeles Times153720,307.89
Lucas #12828285.51
M & M Tooling Inc 1411,245.25
Mac Gregor Yacht Corp713100,020.10
Matrix Circuits Inc 121,385.72
Mesa Consolidated Water Distri4815,700.00
Mesa Consolidated Water Distri4824,760.00
Newport Avenue Station #1282863,237.99
Omohundro Co 6151,355.39
P S Stix Inc 126,475.34
Parmar Industries, Inc Alco Ba11133.50
Pinecraft Custom Shutters Inc 1213,180.00
Precision Optical 6102,700.00
Qb Management Co., South Coast61880.00
Resinart Corp 6936,885.99
Rockwell International Collins9153,263.00
Second Source Inc 128,036.33
Specialty Body Works 154,800.00
The Hartley Co, Div Frawley Co4862,225.00
Valentec Wells 680.00
Velie Circuits Inc 1310,780.00
West Newport Oil Co 144925,788.00