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Polluters in Corona, California
Acker-Stone Industries Inc 6161,334.80
All American Asphalt, Unit No.183751,000.14
American West B M D3722,144.08
Arvinyl, Div Arvin Ind Inc177720,719.57
Austin Plastics Inc.129,850.00
Boral Resources Inc, Corona Pl66159.53
Bwd Corporation11130.40
C.W.R. Mfg331,444.53
Calico Stripping 13990.94
Calmat Co 61213,920.00
Cannon Fabrication Inc 124,940.00
Carrera Boats, Cpc/Victory Mar132,940.00
Cemex Usa Construction Materia384,600.80
Cemex Usa Construction Materia3136,976.80
Ces Energy Corona, Ltd. 922155,384.59
City Of Corona - Utility Servi2220.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi488,720.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi333,800.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi11116,027.62
City Office Furniture Inc 6126,251.46
Clow Valve Co 123624,353.11
Connor Formed Metal Products 6204,664.72
Corona Auto Body 156,280.00
Corona City 33218.28
Corona City, Utilities Service362,480.00
Corona City, Utility Services 33780.00
Corona City, Utility Services 4160.00
Corona Disposal Site28283,312.48
Corona Energy Partners, Ltd 122488,568.80
Corona Industrial Sand Project6190.00
Corona Muni612466,596.18
Corona Products 61915,292.45
Corona Truck Salvage2828285.51
Corona Venture Ltd Inc, Choice135,640.00
Corona, City Of (Wastewater Tr489,829.05
Creative Ideas78149,911.40
Csr Hydro Conduit 82420,357.22
Dairy Farmers Of America55760.00
Dart Container Corp Of Califor1435423,380.00
Downs Oil Co Inc 148,879.20
El Sobrante Sanitary Landfill282822,236.66
Fender Musical Instruments Cor677,132.88
Fender Musical Instruments Corp.6623,206.40
Foster Road Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Foster Sand & Gravel Co 34393.36
Frontier Aluminum Corp.466,401.00
Gs Creations Inc 1247,160.00
Hanson Aggregates West Inc/Eag331,055.60
Hayden Industrial Products2910452,569.01
Howden Airdynamics 6191,760.00
Imco Recycling Of California Inc28281,715.36
Johns Manville Corp 11176995,957.33
Joor Bros Welding Inc221,141.30
Lavey Craft Performance Boats111,985.00
Liston Brick Company Of Corona693,431.34
Marko Foam Products Inc 61551,820.00
Maruhachi Ceramics Of America 61715,240.00
Material Transport Services121228.91
Materials Transport Services,4412.75
Metro Line Industries, Inc, R.10161,964.40
Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co 863122,817.44
Mission Clay Products 183972,341.18
Mm Corona Energy Llc 145223,486.25
National Protein Corporation 6125,793.60
Paul Hubbs Const Co 6140.00
Preproduction Plastics, Inc 1422,080.00
Production Industries, Inc. 61111,215.85
R Squared Scan Systems, Inc12278.30
Rgf Enterprises, Inc.6621,422.40
Roofing Development Co Inc, & 62211,237.44
Rube Tucker Landfill28287,906.20
Six Pac Industries6101,605.00
Sky Ranch28281,715.36
Standard Concrete Products Inc627138.05
Thakar Aluminum Corp.1515117,834.83
Thoro Packaging Inc 1913,860.00
Transchem, Jetronics Ind Inc D576,215.26
U.S. Battery Mfg. Co.115.00
U.S. Composite 1215,668.09
United Rubidoux, Inc.6623,840.00
United/ Rubidoux Printing Inc 6200.00
Unlimited Performance Products4717,299.95
Us Govt, Naval Warfare Assessm6143,631.78
Us Tile Co 1866309,374.58
Vulcan Materials Co. - Corona120.64
W. B. Powell Inc 164,220.00
Weirick Road Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Western Homes Corp 102599,381.80
William Hanmer Materials 61418,089.84
Wooden Images551,698.20