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Polluters in Chula Vista, California
A&A Auto Body & Paint88435.14
A&P Cleaners22839.70
Abels Auto Body & Paint882,385.07
Allen Gas / Chevron883,290.56
Allpro Paint & Body881,453.21
Anthonys Auto Center88168.31
Arco #0633888,432.16
Arco #1353883,612.45
Arco #1914885,677.12
Arco #1925886,317.68
Arco #5208886,229.14
Arco #5217887,031.49
Arco #5218885,171.04
Arco #6138888,186.47
Arco #9568885,252.08
Arco #9597884,421.69
Arya Cleaners221,872.45
Bayscene Mh Park (Cays)28281,715.36
Bobar Market & Gas881,184.60
Bonita Cleaners22368.55
Braley Cleaners22108.00
Braleys Cleaners22207.90
Brenntag West Inc.241,531.00
Broadway Cleaners22325.35
Burns Bob Cleaners22411.75
Canyon Plaza Cleaners22415.80
Chevron / Bonita Rd Chula Vist887,600.21
Chevron / H Street Chula Vista886,851.40
Chevron / Otay Lakes Rd Chula 884,755.63
Chevron / Plaza Ct Chula Vista888,730.82
Chula Vista Auto Body88599.35
Circle K #2964881,598.17
Circle K #5708884,524.80
Corsair Marine Inc.123,020.00
Costco Gasoline Facility #4058814,737.83
Costco Wholesale8831,534.44
D&V Petroleum882,522.72
Davis Auto Body88205.26
Duke Energy-South Bay Power Pl511664,727,059.07
El Dorado Cleaners / Chula Vis2224,526.80
Exxon #1016886,935.69
Fairlane Cleaners / Chula Vist222,500.20
Fuller Ford882,582.36
Gas Depot / Shell Oil883,126.03
Gunpowder Point282863,237.99
Hanson Aggregates - 7th & Main3213587,111.18
Hanson Aggregates - Otay Valle12141157,179.42
J St Liquor883,122.32
Maaco Auto Painting Of Chula V884,355.53
Marine Service Commercial Divi3761577.74
Marquez Auto Body882,122.34
Mobil / 3rd Avenue Chula Vista883,473.33
Mobil / Otay Lakes Rd Chula Vi885,716.48
Mobil / Telegraph Cyn Rd Chula88621.46
One Hour Martinizing / Chula V22433.35
Optima / H Street Car Wash883,290.56
Optimart / Best Mart884,935.84
Otay Landfill Inc.3678418,399.54
Otay Water District - Otay Lak292926.04
Otay Water District - Otay Lak30301,048.00
Pacific Recovery Corp2626211,869.99
Rauls Auto Body & Paint88184.73
Rohr Industries.51183103,719.73
Romans Truck Body & Paint882,976.21
Scheib Earl Of Ca / Chula Vist888,062.45
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Cent31996,861.80
Shell Oil / Bonita Rd884,260.62
Shell Oil / Chula Vista886,910.18
Shell Oil / H St East886,252.06
Shinohara Property Burnsite 1 & 22828285.51
South Bay Collision Center88369.46
Southbay Boat Yard38544,500.72
Southland / Broadway Chula Vis88927.65
Southland / Hilltop Dr Chula V881,844.92
Southland / Naples Street Chul882,887.82
Southwestern College88533.67
Speedy Clean Specialists Inc /22954.45
Sunny Fresh Cleaners / Chula V22384.75
Superior Auto Body883,620.71
Texaco #121647884,892.24
Texaco / 3rd Av886,071.08
U Rent Paint Booth / U Do It88554.19
Unocal / Broadway Chula Vista885,256.17
Unocal / H Street Chula Vista885,883.15
Unocal / Melrose Ave Chula Vis885,196.37
Wood Craft Co.61021,952.91
World Oil / Chula Vista8810,565.38