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Polluters in Chico, California
360 Networks6628,702.27
A & A264,480.00
Act Cleaners1172.00
Aero Union Corporation124.20
Aero Union Corporation110.33
All Star Pac, Inc.660.86
Alternative Materials Tech.45173.44
Auto Body Specialist22170.00
Bertagna Orchards2436.80
Blue Diamond Almond Growers2236.80
Bob Vanella Huller2257.04
Butte Creek Brewing Company66106.93
Cal Water Service Co61233.44
Cal Water Service Co6611.69
Cal Water Service Company6614.74
Calif Water Service Co6610.54
Calif Water Service Co668.69
Calif Water Service Co6617.60
Calif Water Service Co667.87
Calif Water Service Co6610.55
Calif Water Service Co6610.32
Calif Water Service Co665.87
Calif Water Service Company6610.55
Calif. State Univ. Chico9257.58
California Color3329.26
Charles Crabtree Painting110.56
Chico Burn Dump282815,117.89
Chico Cemetery Association383867.26
Chico Cleaners117.00
Chico Collision Center4445.31
Chico Fire Station #46634.22
Chico Fire Station #566110.79
Chico Fire Training Ctr66204.47
Chico Granite And Marbleworks220.01
Chico Memorial Mausoleum6673.38
Chico Muni Services2274.39
Chico Municipal Airport66131.47
Chico Municipal Airport Disposal Site28282,051.99
Chico Municipal Services, City6616.32
Chico Nut Company240.11
Chuck Patterson Auto4497.66
City Of Chico Police Dept6659.56
Coach Works445.71
Compton Enterprises6892.71
Concours Elite3342.00
Courtesy Motors4487.68
Creative Cabinetry2272.20
Decker Orchards, Inc.220.92
Deseret Farms Of Ca6121,984.20
Dimensions Collision4410.17
Duckback Products Inc441,083.48
Enloe Hospital7219,638.13
Esplanade Furniture116.44
Far West Rice-Quandt Drier61016,873.95
Flair Custom Cleaners1196.00
Garner Lane Site / Chico2828248.32
Guy Rents, Inc.26206.36
Harry Cinquini Huller243.68
Hengst & Hengst261,216.00
Henneman Farms26767.28
Highway Motors4417.82
Home Depot6653.60
Hughes Hardwoods2421.66
Jack'S Orchard Supply223.88
James R. Lewis285,888.00
James Railcar Service662.39
Jennys Almond28478.40
Jesse Machine Works111.84
Jessee, Gene M. Inc.223.20
Jp'S Paint & Body Work4430.20
Juanarena Huller26629.28
Keefer Creek Estates Water Co.6615,939.95
Larson Huller & Dryer26761.76
Lobdel Cleaners114.00
Lowes Companies, Inc.66656.58
M & T Chico Ranch263,764.68
M & T Chico Ranch6106,440.32
M & T Ranch Rice Dryer15391,651.21
Marblecraft Products113.00
Marketplace Cleaners1160.00
Mathews Ready Mix267,382.76
Mead Orchards687,353.92
Miracle Auto Painting44175.94
Moonlighting Auto Restore4410.67
Natures Highlights6641.58
Neal Road Landfill282821,395.12
Nor-Cal Mobility224.61
Norfield Manufacturing111.22
North State Electric & Pump6615.30
North State Hulling Co-Op24264.96
North Valley Disposal1111.50
North Valley Ready Mix262.77
Oak Ridge Cabinets37140.72
Orient & Flume Art Glass661,527.78
Pacific Bell66311.29
Paiva Hulling & Shelling22184.00
Patio Cruisers, Inc.110.10
Patio Crusiers, Inc.221.14
Pbm Supply & Manufacturing110.97
Progressive Woodworks2223.66
Qwest Chico Ti66254.62
Rodger Akers117.00
S And S Enterprises22956.80
Sam Lewis Jr. Huller22699.20
Sfpp, Lp./Kinder Morgan11207.70
Shasta Vista Almond Huller241,950.40
Smucker Quality Beverages664,169.80
Sprint Chico Pop66258.01
Stile Huller221.84
Sunset Moulding Co, Chico Div1110.44
Sunset Moulding Co, Chico Div.281.84
Tfi, Llc210722.00
Thomas Welding & Machine110.80
Transfer Flow Inc.67102.00
United Rentals26611.52
V-G Farming Company610573.19
Vacaro Seed/California Inc.220.00
Valley Ag Services24110.40
Valley Tractor, Inc.6614.39
Weiss/Mcnair, Inc.1132.00
West Coast Asphalt11115.01
Western Reman26285.32
Western Woods210339.70
Westgate Hardwoods210116.24
Westgate Hardwoods, Inc210529.47
Williams Communications6641.64
Wittmeier Collision Center4479.94
Wizard Manufacturing113.84
Wood-Ply Forest Products24198.00
Wortham Auto Body4427.03
Wrex Products, Inc.10135,534.46