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Polluters in Cerritos, California
La Co., Sanitation District 165116,069.41
Willamette Industries Inc 174127,423.97
Holmes-Hally Ind 72822,840.31
Whittier Engraving Co Inc, Col62024,140.00
Fredrick Ramond, Inc 81619,515.00
A-16clutch Co Inc 6155,643.67
Intl Coatings Co Inc91515,892.25
Jsj Printing Corp 61224,400.00
Genforms Corp 6125,300.00
Best Label Co Inc 11114,460.00
Cerritos Dodge 6104,450.52
Cerritos City, Water Div 4813,840.00
City Of Cerritos - Water Divis4823,140.00
Foam Molders & Specialties Inc176,180.00
Revere Transducers Inc479,792.00
Los Angeles Cellular Telephone6613,622.38
Orbit Testing Inc353,522.20
Foam Craft, Inc 1416,260.28
Blair'S Metal Polishing 3356,039.06
Strong & Chastain Inc, C Stron135,060.00
Diamond B, Inc.333,233.68
Foam Specialties1110,534.00
Johnson Aluminum Foundry 111,560.88
Tyler Refrigeration11380.30
Coast Industrial Supply Co Inc114,995.00
R And K Metal Finishing 11360.00