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Polluters in Cerritos, California
A-16clutch Co Inc 6155,643.67
Best Label Co Inc 11114,460.00
Blair'S Metal Polishing 3356,039.06
Cerritos City, Water Div 4813,840.00
Cerritos Dodge 6104,450.52
City Of Cerritos - Water Divis4823,140.00
Coast Industrial Supply Co Inc114,995.00
Diamond B, Inc.333,233.68
Foam Craft, Inc 1416,260.28
Foam Molders & Specialties Inc176,180.00
Foam Specialties1110,534.00
Fredrick Ramond, Inc 81619,515.00
Genforms Corp 6125,300.00
Holmes-Hally Ind 72822,840.31
Intl Coatings Co Inc91515,892.25
Johnson Aluminum Foundry 111,560.88
Jsj Printing Corp 61224,400.00
La Co., Sanitation District 165116,069.41
Los Angeles Cellular Telephone6613,622.38
Orbit Testing Inc353,522.20
R And K Metal Finishing 11360.00
Revere Transducers Inc479,792.00
Strong & Chastain Inc, C Stron135,060.00
Tyler Refrigeration11380.30
Whittier Engraving Co Inc, Col62024,140.00
Willamette Industries Inc 174127,423.97