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Polluters in Carson, California
Aai/California Carshell, Inc 61930,236.26
Ahf Ducommun Inc3810,099.03
Alameda Street Landfill28281,715.36
American Magnetics Corp 6121,528.98
American National Can Co4469,341.00
Anco Metal Improvement Company4412,639.35
Anemostat-West, A Mestek Co 92216,346.04
Arco Pipe Line Co 2551448,593.91
Arco Western Pipe Line Co 72524,346.61
Ashland Distribution Co.1119933.00
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Car138229,994.50
Atlantic/Pacific Shutter Compa147,904.41
Avalon Ford Inc553,451.00
Barton Brands 6117,400.00
Bkk Disposal Site #22828285.51
Blue Diamond Materials, Garden81010,771.49
Brown Dump (Nissan Motor Corp)282863,237.99
Cal Compact Lf / Metro 200028281,715.36
Cal St Univ, Dominguez Hills 22339,668.00
Cal-Pacific Dyeing & Finishing6127,902.21
Carson Cogeneration Company3245103,524.96
Chemoil Terminals Corporation 412431,332.19
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div24166.28
Commonwealth Aluminum Concast 972139,365.03
Dolores Street Disposal Site2828285.51
Dominguez Energy Co 1140.00
Don Knott Ford28281,715.36
Ducommun Technologies Inc 61613,498.36
East West Enterprise 66520.00
Equilon Carson Terminal142729,605.20
Equilon Enterprises, Llc15254327,002.14
Equilon Enterprises,Llc1389441,323.01
Fletcher Oil & Ref Co (Eis Use3507,791.53
Ford Leasing Dev Co113.00
Gardena Valley #5 (Golden Eagle)282863,237.99
Gardena Valley #6 (Ford Center)282863,237.99
Gardena Valley 1 & 2282863,237.99
Gatx Rail Corp (Nsr Use) 1639190,589.62
Good Tables44157,258.70
Hardwick Disposal Pit #442828285.51
Harvard Sports Inc 72451,621.39
Highland Design6652,880.00
Highland Design Inc.1112,300.00
Huck International Inc330.36
Industrial Polychemical Serv392,741.00
Industrial Polychemical Serv242,096.00
Industrial Polychemical Servic63047,580.00
International Paper Co 61517,560.00
Intl Catalyst Inc. 662,712.02
Johnson Laminating & Coating I1019169,987.40
La Co., Sanitation Dist Unit N27322459,582.05
Lane-Aire Mfg Corp 6134,000.00
Major Paint Company444,693.30
Martin Hallerman282863,237.99
Metal Container Corp Of Califo82948,081.11
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip83233.15
Molded Fiber Glass Co; Parabam33683.56
Mor Glow Paint Co (Carson Tow)2828285.51
Nalco Chemical Co105392.66
Niklor Chemical Company Inc 102811,809.50
Old Quaker Paint Company552,250.40
Ondeo Nalco Co.3561.27
Pacquet Oneida Inc Vendor #311179,286.08
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.11250.00
Philip West Industrial Service62435,477.84
Praxair Inc.1132,885.00
Prime Wheel 61564,134.86
Prudential Overall Supply 7104,431.66
Puritan Bakery Inc 63516,713.50
Rodgers & Mcdonald Graphics 61117,000.00
Sfpp, L.P. Watson114101,960.00
Shell Oil Prods. U.S. Sulfur Recovery Plant4441,120.00
Solec International66211,500.00
Southwest Carpet Pad Inc 182232,278.64
Texollini Inc 61822,360.00
The Geon Co 946126.55
Tosco Refining Company313002,952,586.14
Unocal Corporation/Oil And Gas44203.38
Victoria Golf Course28287,906.20
Visco Manufacturing Inc5594,944.49
Waco International (West), Inc122,370.96
Watson Land Company Dump28287,906.20
Werdin Dump282863,237.99
West Coast Products Llc3126727,627,896.59
Western Synthetic Fiber, Inc 6811,534.40
Western Waste Industries44141.10
Western Waste Industries 68137.57
Wexford Collection1648,820.00
X L Operating Company 1476.20
X L Operating Company 6199,751.49
Zynolyte Products Company341,645.00