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Polluters in Burbank, California
4mc-Burbank, Inc. 13544.91
A-H Plating, Inc 1730180.82
All Metals Processing Co Inc 673,073.90
Allen'S Cleaners, Nora Ayvazia112,263.46
Alliedsignal Aerospace, W Coas222,575.79
American Mobile Power Co 6124,088.60
Avibank Mfg Inc223919,597.69
Barry Controls6619,317.70
Burbank City, Pub Serv Dept4313980,457.44
Burbank Coach Works Inc 69780.00
Burbank Landfill #1282863,237.99
Burbank Landfill Site #328284,774.61
Burbank Steel Treating Inc 71014,670.00
Cal Green Auto Body 15720.00
California Coasts Color Inc 6143,475.33
City Of Burbank28129.17
Color West Lithography Inc Uni82543,116.74
Commercial Inspection Service110.99
Connell Processing Inc 6274,320.00
Crane Co, Hydro-Aire Div10351,042.61
Disc Graphics, Inc 1918,320.00
Foto-Kem /Foto Tronics 81232,254.00
Four Media Laboratory82325,300.90
Gerald L Crawford & Co 1610,880.00
Graphic Visions 6187,600.00
Harry'S Auto Craft 14347.76
In & Out Paint & Body Centers 684,540.00
Intl Electronic Research Corp47335.00
Janco Corp797,287.60
K.M. Records, Incorporation22340.00
Kahr Bearing, A Dover Diversif8842,834.00
Lakeside Cleaners 672,277.44
Lockheed Advanced Development21212,068.68
Lockheed Aeronautical Sys. Co.313184,397.73
Media Aviation, L.P.2219.94
Mel Bernie & Co Inc 8234,224.40
Menasco Manufacturing Company101042,086.94
Menasco Mfg Co (Eis Use)51183,656.25
Menasco Mfg Co., Ca Division8883,668.52
National Broadcasting Co Inc(N1515825,739.02
Pacific Airmotive Corp155724,915.57
Photo-Sonics Inc 8162,515.20
Roger B. Phillips Inc 896,540.79
Ryder Aviall, Inc8857,488.60
Senior Flexonics Inc/Stainless Steel Dvn2010018,980.10
Shadkor Inc,Milt & Michael Mst676,662.30
Slough Park28281,715.36
Spence Electro Plating Co 683,620.00
St. Joseph Medical Ctr 62623,556.80
Stainless Steel Products, Inc5515,736.31
Steve'S Plating Corporation 6238,215.54
Surface Finishing Inc1223,426.47
Tech-Graphic Inc 8222,069.46
Technical Metal Finishing Co I624838.32
The Walt Disney Company 1328328,141.67
Valley Engravers Inc33151.83
Warner Brothers Studio Facilit2020936,222.70
Zero West Division6639,149.00