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Polluters in Buena Park, California
7up/Rc Bottling Co Of Southern887.53
Amway Corp, Nutrilite Products74917,746.67
Buena Park City Dump28281,715.36
Fullerton School Dist. Buena P6103,400.00
Gateway Chevrolet Motor Co Inc68504.85
Georgia-Pacific Corp 63242,827.40
Graphic Ways Inc,Grdnr Litho&A1914,960.00
Knott'S Berry Farm132312,624.79
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc. Nabisco Div.1164,351.00
Kraft General Foods221,603.60
Leach Corp 252,463.17
Lucky Stores Inc, #952 6792,440.00
Nabisco Brands Inc 73430,501.30
Nick Rudd28287,906.20
Pepsi Bottling Group L.L.C.115.00
Precision Custom Finishing 133,256.85
The Mead Corp, Mead Packaging 92065,573.00
Ultra Wheel Co 7744,501.00