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Column information
Polluters in Brentwood, California
Accurate Auto Body & Paint341,110.21
Albertsons #706666266.68
Antioch Building Materials22428.94
B Woodmore Painting251,937.97
Bay Area/Diablo Petroleum7243,672.42
Brentwood Auto Body121,185.29
Brentwood Auto Body110.00
Casey'S Auto Repair387,641.52
Central Concrete Supply A Us C21612,586.94
City Of Brentwood11601.69
Coughran Mechanical Services,66843.03
Ftg Construction Materials2213.26
Gotland Oil Inc135,096.43
Irs 1 Hr Cleaners Inc 11406.07
Marsh Canyon Sanitary Landfill2828285.51
Precision Cabinets & Trim11018,815.33
Production Specialties Company11914.25
The Perfect Body Shop1192.27
U S Print Corporation187,724.00
Vornhagen Body & Paint141,813.57