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Polluters in Brea, California
Aera Energy Llc 1420720,911.79
Akzo Coatings Inc.9929,068.42
Ameron Protective Coat Div (Eis&Nsr Use)814925,664.89
Ardco Manufacturing Inc221,616.83
Aspen Interiors Inc 135,980.00
Bank Of America Nt & Sa, Brea 6341,837.72
Brea Canon Oil Co3325.96
Brea Canyon Oil Co Inc 8199,799.30
Brea City 95911,735.89
Brea City Dump #128287,906.20
Brea City Dump #228287,906.20
Brea Power Partners, L.P.920300,339.80
Cooper & Brain - Brea 12336,724.74
County Of Orange, Iwmd6664,641.60
Dual Graphics, Inc6624,460.00
Gsf Energy Inc;Olinda Landfill1840294,141.55
Harbor Truck Bodies Inc 1716,740.00
Iac Industries 81528,548.22
J R Elliott Ent Inc 1176,160.00
Kirkhill Rubber Co 144442,843.52
Krystal Koach, Inc.6618,105.60
Lucas Western Inc. Electro Sys11620,193.69
Mark Industries6614,576.90
Memory Garden Mem Park & Mortu26260.08
N.C.R. Corp41210,351.08
N.I. Industries Inc. Automotiv62540,242.04
Olinda Alpha Sanitary Landfill282865,941.40
Olinda Sanitary Landfill2828119.62
Rse-Sierra Switchgear & Transf11562.00
Seeley Bros 176,280.00
Seeley Brothers 144,980.00
So Cal Lithographics Inc Frank6174,900.00
Solid Waste Salvaging Facility Olinda Sl2828285.51
Sundstrand Aerospace Corp333,933.00
Torch Operating Company 11611,556.24
Torch Operating Company 6140250,701.76
Union Oil Co Of Cal.,No.Amer.O198.38
Union Oil Co Of California7934,630.06
Union Oil Co Of California1109.09
Union Oil Dump #1 & 22828285.51
Union Oil Dump #328281,715.36
Unocal Corp., Hartley Center 9842,985.04
Unocal Oil Co Of Cal, Oil & Ga345218.43