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Polluters in Berkeley, California
101 Autob Shop36491.75
A-1 Body Shop 2221.88
Advance Heli-Welders & Mfg Co11254.88
Agricultural Research Service8182,554.98
Allied Body & Frame Shop125,606.64
Alta Bates Hospital15606,394.98
Anto Offset Printing125,142.00
Asphalt Products Oil Corp Hy51012,931.67
Avenue Body Shop575,434.17
Baron Von Frier22185.86
Bayer Corporation82443,266.55
Berkeley Asphalt Co132446,298.89
Berkeley Auto Body Inc251,399.33
Berkeley Body Shop451,057.58
Berkeley Cleaning Center11554.76
Berkeley Forge & Tool Inc8604,603.84
Berkeley Marine Center 33124.04
Berkeley Marine Center12590.53
Berkland Dry Cleaners11834.13
C & C Drycleaner222,203.97
Cal Cleaners & Laundry22539.38
Car Craft Collision Specialist113.93
Chevron Products Company C/O C110.77
City Of Berkeley, Dept Of Publ2214,804.16
City Of Berkeley/Engr Div/Publ61213.31
Classic Autobody461,049.89
Clean Living Cleaners11445.20
Coffee Market220.49
Consolidated Printers, Inc7172,864.96
Cooks Collision582,139.29
Dharma Press12884.00
Electro-Coatings Of California242,580.81
Europa Cars24221.39
Euwell & Sons Cleaners 111,035.10
Exxon Company Usa 115.67
Flamingo Cleaners 111,371.98
Flint Ink Corporation82061,759.38
Four Mile Dry Cleaners 11563.24
Hawkins Hawkins Company, Inc24787.09
Hustead'S Collision Center6105,022.13
Hustead'S Inc 11502.16
Inkworks Press12427.20
Inlite Corporation584,077.57
Kavanaugh Coffee711817.70
Koehler Auto Body Inc11744.34
La Loma 733905.76
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab13201,638.78
Lithonia Lighting7162,384.90
M & M Garage1170.47
M&J Auto Body47736.03
Macaulay Foundry, Inc12202,146.14
Mcnevin Cadillac Body Shop11350.42
Merit Cleaners221,003.99
National Starch & Chemical Com9409,386.94
New Economy Laundry22666.97
One Hour Martinizing 111,774.04
Pacific Bell661,400.78
Pacific Steel Casting Co-Plant1312459,037.03
Pacific Steel Casting Co-Plant125340,954.26
Packworks Llc12330.00
Panel Craft Auto Body35836.92
Precision Technical Coatings3146,187.80
Premier Auto Body 24146.11
Premier Cleaners221,141.20
Rmc Pacific Materials Inc28732.61
Sal'S Auto Paint Shop3317.77
Shattuck Auto Center462,590.71
State Of California Dept Of He8161,607.19
Takara Sake Usa Inc 220.74
The Painters Place Ltd11187.70
The Wooden Duck131,215.05
Uncommon Grounds,Inc 228.10
University Of California, Berk1788593,445.78
Virginia Cleaners225,622.80
Western Roto Engravers, Inc241,155.20
Wright'S Automotive Service463,931.71
Xoma (Us) Llc12245.60