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Polluters in Benicia, California
Allied Manufacturing Inc228,528.98
American Port Services142,173.41
American Woodworks3414,896.26
Apm, Inc362,045.35
Bay Shore Systems, Inc111.60
Bdm Cultured Marble144,316.00
Benecia Cleaners 11647.56
Benicia Cabinetry22200.95
Benicia Industries Inc24676.85
Benicia Lf / Benicia State Park282822,038.27
Benicia State Rec Area / South Hampton2828181.69
Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpa121,468.61
C E Toland & Son221,666.17
Cigarettes Cheaper292,460.24
City Of Benicia19321,911.28
City Of Benicia Public Works D238.25
Delta Steel Erectors12755.41
Demaria Landfill2828248.32
Doors And Drawers162,681.16
Exxon Company Usa (Benicia Ter2141362,323.59
Fiber Craft Company11395.73
Free Distributors/City Racks111,142.97
Huntway Refining Company 52184.90
Insituform Technologies Inc123,328.87
It Corporation, Panoche Facili6101,497.49
Jsj Electrical Display Corpora24602.18
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals,2124,235.01
L & R Truck Trailer & Bus Pain231,224.10
L & R Truck Trailer & Bus Pain131,709.91
Longs Drug Stores5126,363.22
Metl-Saw Systems Inc241,348.40
Micro Powders & Braig, Inc22637.24
Onyx Industrial Services64811,458.71
Perfection Cleaners 11782.46
Praxair, Inc1212,537.14
Predelivery Service Corporatio28586.10
Professional Paint Finishing222,887.08
Ralphs-Pugh Company Inc12877.90
Reeds Body And Fender221,375.28
Ruszel Woodworks251,017.48
Ryco Metal Products12764.63
Simpkins Auto Care141,804.66
Solano County Slf Aka Braito Lf2828834.91
Sonoco Products Company2821,411.88
Suba Mfg, Inc353,621.61
Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet12366.56
Unico Services Inc 4687.13
Valero Benicia Asphalt Plant668140,929.15
Valero Refining Company1331,023.28
Valero Refining Company - Cali2579421,912,880.82
W R Meadows79839.69
Yla, Inc114,180.00