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Column information
Polluters in Barstow, California
Barstow Railyard116420,341.39
Barstow Refuse Disposal Site Landfill28282,169.71
Barstow, City Of - Wwtp236288,526.62
Brubaker-Mann Inc.225,824.00
Calico Rock Milling Inc.72734,380.54
Continental Rpv'S2258.61
Dan Copp Crushing Corp.6204,707.20
H & H Auto Boby33171.95
Madrona Illegal Lf2828285.51
Service Rock Prods. Inc. Barstow111.90
Service Rock Products221,143.30
Sun And Shine Used Cars110.00
Usmc Logistics Base - Nebo641284111,542.19
Usmc Logistics Base - Yermo822004195,624.78
Verizon-Barstow C.O.43438.98
Veterans Home Of Ca - Barstow471226,788.03
West Main Illegal Dump Site / Hodge28281,715.36