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Polluters in Azusa, California
Aerojet Gencorp, Aerojet Elect87113,942.30
Avery Dennison63766,518.91
Azusa City Sierra Madre Landfill282863,237.99
Azusa Land Reclamation Co Inc Inert Lf282816,887.21
California Amforge Corporation63311,560.00
Cardinal Church Furniture 91013,950.23
Criterion Catalyst Co L.P. 106214,794.05
Cwmi - Azusa Facility115811,468.68
Engineered Polymer Solutions I7251,569.74
Epsilon Foam Corp 61722,161.49
Falcon Prods. Inc.1212,250.00
Falcon Products, Inc.71640,234.00
Hannemann Fiberglass Inc113,277.00
Hytrol Of California, Inc.5515,865.00
Magparts Inc 62922,193.44
Mentor Orc Inc 1868133,180.83
Norac Inc.12100.00
Phaostron Instrument & Electro8252,115.00
R.E. Atckinson Co. Inc.5541,782.80
Reichhold Inc 95015,530.16
Rubber/Urethanes Incorporated464,249.87
Shamrock Ranch Disposal Site282863,237.99
Southdown California Concrete 152999,881.68
The Norac Co Inc1148.53
Thermal Remediation Solutions,6616,705.12
Valspar Corporation22131.80
Vision-Ease Lens Azusa, Inc.62521,700.00
Western Envir. Contracting Inc6615,320.04
Western Environmental Contract6129,306.38
Wynn Oil Co22155.00