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Column information
Polluters in Antioch, California
Acme Auto Body1163.54
Advanced Body & Frame45794.86
American Roofing Industries 110.00
Anchor Landfill28281,305.02
Antioch Auto Body Inc31210,399.34
Antioch City Dump28287,906.20
Antioch Disposal Service Landfill / Lynch Site282863,237.99
Antioch Rock & Ready Mix352,343.32
Bridgehead Dry Dock34926.57
City Of Antioch66215.97
Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill14281,945.18
Delta Diablo Sanitation Distri1131125,617.34
Delta Fair Cleaners221,332.59
Exxon C/O Eri111.40
Fiberglass Representatives 21022,794.87
Fuhrer Paint Werkz37573.23
Fulton Shipyard Inc224.90
Gaylord Container Corporation 2535,792.53
Gaylord Container Corporation 48767.42
Georgia Pacific Corporation1597351,929.76
Glenn'S Auto Body 2253.52
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 3)1738249,999.51
Gwf Power Systems,Lp (Site 4)1833197,504.12
Hillcrest Cleaners22665.82
Inland Container Corporation61816,846.73
Jim'S Auto Body Antioch147,243.79
Jim`S California Auto Body, In23697.22
K & J Graphics2115,881.64
Keep-U-Neat Cleaners 11940.98
Lamothe Cleaners 111,156.83
Lucky 7 Auto Body & Custom'S12257.21
M2 Collision Care Centers121,595.56
Maaco Auto Painting And Bodywo1413,165.99
Mega Sand Inc 1037422.87
Melgoza'S Yacht Refinishing12679.68
Mirant Delta, Llc42852,200,759.70
Oak View Memorial Park715447.99
Pacific Bell66324.90
Pacific Gas & Electric Company221,186.45
Pacific Gas And Electric Compa551,258.72
Pittsburg Disposal Site Landfill282863,237.99
Ritter Manufacturing Inc222,980.84
Scotto'S Auto Body35806.28
Silgan Containers Mfg Corp44575,939.56
Stiles Body Shop1139.20
Sun Chemical124,020.00
Templer'S Auto Body341,352.59
Thomas Autobody & Paint3367.21
U S Cleaners11337.27
Usa Gasoline Corporation 1135.10
Verco Manufacturing Company8319,655.99
West Cleaners 11947.15