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Polluters in Anaheim, California
Disneyland Resort 44363476,056.16
Sentinel Cremation Societies I3978245.40
Anaheim / Olive Blvd. Dump2828285.51
Anaheim City Dump #728281,715.36
Anaheim Dump #628281,715.36
Canal Street Disposal Station #428287,906.20
Holly W. Davidson Dump #12828285.51
La Palma Dump28287,906.20
Corona Dump28287,906.20
Holly E. Davidson Dump#22828285.51
Orange #4/Canal St/Newkirk Lf28281,715.36
Sparks / Rains Lf / Lincoln Beach28281,715.36
Unknown #328281,715.36
Unknown #628287,906.20
Unknown #828287,906.20
Unknown #2282863,237.99
Industrial Asphalt, Coast Asph21211,676.70
System Bio-Industries, Anaheim193326,039.45
Taylor-Dunn Mfg Co 164738,201.38
Powdercoat Services, Inc.143760.70
All-Bann Enter. Inc133242,608.53
Leach Int'L Corp 131612,208.92
Basf Corp. Coatings/Colorants131315,400.24
Cytec Fiberite Inc135279,518.60
The Boeing Company 1327759,414.35
Hexcel Corporation 124763,577.40
Basf Structural Materials Inc12213,131.29
Everest, A Division Of Wright 126257,704.09
Neville Chem Co 1217721,389.04
Sempra Energy Fac Mgmt/Central118484,592.52
Precision Painting 116613,696.30
Kwikset Corp11502,240.34
The Creative Press, Inc 113524,915.01
Wco Hotels Inc 1160647.81
Mobil Oil Corp (Nsr Use Only) 115235,884.84
General Motors Corp., Delco Re105639,910.99
W.C. Richards Company101038,571.02
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc10219,873.73
Electro Metal Finishing Corpor102535,838.01
Stepan Co10121,411.87
Nelco Prod. Inc 9145,111.18
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9354,890.23
Xerxes Corporation918573,495.30
Weyerhaeuser Company 96360,810.49
Crest Coating Inc 93931,008.61
J. G. & T. Quality Spray Painting, J. V.9153,060.04
Setco Inc 82314,640.54
Coca-Cola Company81530.99
Interstate Electronics Corp8213,400.61
Mcp Foods Inc 738787,988.06
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 2776,859.00
American Fuji Seal, Inc. 71414,686.81
Tomkins Industries Inc-Lasco P724778,963.67
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 37719,941.00
Intercem Corp771,135.00
Interstate Engineering, A Div729258.86
Econolite Control Products, In71917,212.58
Storopack/Foam Pac 73521,882.20
Ling Electronics Inc, Subs Mec7101,596.95
Anaheim Citrus Products Co717241.00
Litton Sys Inc, Kester Solder7733,468.20
Expo Dyeing & Finishing, Inc. 6614,520.00
Lester Lithograph Inc 62216,360.00
R Morris Inn At The Pk, S Manf613420.00
J & H Deburring, Inc 612360.00
Anaheim Hotel Partnership,Anah6624,521.26
Kosakura And Associates 61011,596.91
Anaheim Mills Corp 62618,399.16
Spiveco Inc 660.00
D & E Precision Sheet Metal In6135,640.00
Power Paragon Inc 6234,108.69
Kaiser Foundation Hospital (An6209,676.18
Sundance Litho Inc 6129,867.31
Woodridge Press Inc 61422,200.00
Sully Miller 6140.00
Anaheim Hills Auto Body Inc 688,617.14
Wilard Marine, Inc. 6136,360.00
X-L Cleaners 671,760.00
Artistic Plating & Metal Finis695,320.00
Livingston-Graham/Blue Diamond685,272.51
Micrometals, Inc 61946,580.00
Hardin Oldsmobile/Gmc Trucks 693,438.80
Fortner'S Custom Doors 69574.92
Flat & Vertical Inc. 6182,316.15
Advanced Ground Systems Engine695,398.77
Sdc Coatings Inc 671,305.00
Hi-Tech Collision & Painting S694,769.37
Regal Beloit Corp, Electra-Gea6113,940.00
Solutions Unlimited, Wilson'S 61112,356.00
United Western Medical Center 6175,079.48
Kca Electronics Inc 62631,600.00
Lynette Decor Prod.6179,621.58
On Line Graphics Inc 6254,722.22
Universal Painting Co 6108,419.70
Bridgemark Corporation 6267,075.20
Powdercoat Services Inc 62015,038.29
Pacific West Litho Inc 61520,560.00
General Electric Company 6112,748.56
Kanstul Musical Instruments In612200.00
Sully-Miller Contracting Compa614318.50
Precision Anodizing & Plating 6114,333.17
Odetics Inc 6131,280.00
Golden Kraft Inc 6215,547.58
California Custom Shapes Inc 673,100.00
Neutron Plating Inc 6232,626.40
Kraemer Auto Collison, J. Cuev683,020.00
Thermech Eng Corp 6184,420.00
Techno Coatings Inc 6181,372.78
Black Oxide Ind Inc 6158,640.00
Anaheim Gen Hosp, Engineering 6173,520.00
Dan Copp Crushing Corp. 6815,644.04
R. J. Noble Co 68104.06
Jenson Custom Furniture Inc, I6110.00
Century Laminators Inc 51018,520.00
Wilson & Hampton Painting Cont551,853.52
Details Inc 51115,128.79
Texture Design Furniture Inc 4927,403.15
Leonard'S Carpet Service Inc415656.51
The Orman Grubb Co 42134,878.76
Exec-U-Lift Inc4429.26
Micrometals Inc358,448.08
Texaco Refining And Marketing339.70
Roto-Industries, Inc346,262.16
Sechrist Industries, Inc331,959.12
Equistar Chemicals, Lp 3496,260.21
Weller-White Chem Inc.334,130.00
Adams Steel 3720,911.74
Nbty Manufacturing,Llc3336,560.00
Robertson Ready Mix 331,594.56
Ridgewood/Cal Power Partners L240.00
Essex Electric Inc.2233.00
Advanced Spa Designs 21168,946.40
Hardin Marine222,164.50
Sonfarrel Inc22783.04
Electro-Rack Prod. Inc241,187.26
Sks Inc, Anaheim Division2212.97
D Aircraft Products Inc1694.06
Furon Co1215,959.89
Monsanto Company11610.50
Control Data Corporation111,843.00
Acurex Refrigeration Pro Div-B11548.00
Lite Ctr Of Cal12241.40
Vip Rubber Inc11450.00
Tekform Prod Div, General Cera1156.43
Cyber Systems Inc11384.06
Anaheim Memorial Hospital1122.00
Homexx International Corp11213.00
Lasco Bathware Inc.12577,491.00
Travis Industries Inc117,146.00
Willard Marine Inc.123,321.00
Uop Separex Membrane Sys.12114.00
L-3 Communications-Power Paragon120.43
Carey Sign Graphics 19521.69
Pacific Transformer Corp 1519,840.14
Dec Associates 153,700.00
American Fabrication Corp 166,580.00
Banner Sign Co Inc 181,651.42
Advantage Boats, Inc 130.00
Pacific Truck Equipment Co Inc1418,383.03
Star Custom Industries Inc 150.00
Artco Printers & Lithographers177,520.00
Techno Coatings Inc 167,760.00
J & J Coating 123,616.01
Cal Tech Collision Center 13869.35
Morrison & Burke Inc 129,460.00
Boss Paint & Body 120.00
Inland Litho, Inc 11529,320.00
California Chassis, Inc 138,420.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork137,120.00
5 Day Business Forms Mfg Inc 145,780.00
Dnr Industries, Inc. 133,700.00
R W Wood Products Inc 1111,479.40
Freedom Communications Inc 1116,020.00
Orange County Color Graphics 11219,124.24