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Polluters in Alameda, California
Alameda Auto Body3142,717.62
Alameda Auto Care251,619.34
Alameda Collision Repair Inc231,274.60
Alameda Hospital1113.42
Albertsons #705766266.68
Altamont Technologies Inc110.64
Ann'S Cleaners 11269.82
Anthony Cleaners22551.57
Bay Ship & Yacht Co102672,396.81
Bernardi Cleaners111,620.00
Brite 1 Hr Cleaners249,449.01
California Classics Auto Body13839.59
City Of Alameda, Maint Serv Ce10108.98
Classic Cleaners111,134.00
Coach Specialties Inc11222.64
College Of Alameda4697.16
Container-Care International,682,486.11
Dee Bee'S Elegant Cleaners22707.48
Delphi Productions Inc121,533.31
Dryclean Usa 111,071.77
Executive One Hour Martinizing222,404.80
Exxon C/O Eri 117.59
Garden Cleaners221,593.59
Good Chevrolet 22500.59
Goodnight Room Inc 221,719.32
Iwa Services/Tetra Tech Isg34960.32
J D Harpe Furniture Finishers474,832.38
M & J Body & Paint Shop353,775.67
Marina Village Cleaners222,103.56
Miracle Auto Painting255,851.83
Navigator Systems Inc252,170.08
Nb Industries11158.53
Nelson'S Marine Inc112,301.81
Pacific Bell66433.83
Qiagen Operon22691.00
Revelation Cleaners 11806.07
Stone Boat Yard375,029.82
Svendsen'S Boat Works, Inc131,015.56
U S Navy11401.00
Westinghouse Cleaners11249.58
Williams Welding & Auto Body353.03