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Polluters in Phoenix, Arizona
16th St. (Del Rio) Cswlf2828285.51
19th Avenue Cswlf28281,715.36
22nd Avenue Cswlf28281,715.36
23rd Ave Wastewater Treatment Plant541142,703.35
Ag Products1523,789.76
Aguila Cswlf282863,237.99
Alamo State Park Cswlf2828285.51
Allied Tube & Conduit Corp-Phx Operation52544,522.84
American Fiberglass116,693.00
Ameron Cswlf282863,237.99
Ameron Intl-Water Transmission Group56749,734.43
Aps West Phx Power Plant1667525,353.61
Arizona Marble Ind. Inc.111,149.00
Arizona Materials13110,787.47
Arizona Sand & Rock Cswlf28287,906.20
Avondale Cswlf28285,433.25
Avonti Mfg. Inc.111,423.00
Aztec Transfer Station2828324.45
Beardsley Cswlf2828285.51
Belden Communications Div.110.05
Billboard Poster Company Inc1539,305.00
Boc Edwards Kachina12500.00
Boothill Cswlf28287,906.20
Bp West Coast Products Llc/Phx Terminal94568,579.74
Bryant Industries Inc21045,324.00
Building Products Co18103121,294.53
Case Furniture & Design Llc27634,004.35
Cavco Industries Llc22621,743.39
Cavco Industries Llc/Durango Plant23426,906.29
Cemex Usa (Phoenix)12123,721.00
Central Avenue Crlf282863,237.99
Century Graphics Llc52230,755.07
Cesar Color Inc61624,408.70
Chemresearch Co. Inc.4731.00
Chevron Usa Inc73977,215.11
Cholla Custom Cabinets Inc59936,739.18
Chris Fischer Productions Inc21529,141.00
Classic Thermographers110.02
Columbus Chemical Inds. Inc.1294.00
Conocophillips Phoenix Terminal5105,559.00
Coreslab Structures (Ariz) Inc22121,919.00
Courier Graphics Corp52521,228.59
Craftsmen In Wood Mfg54325,041.00
Creative Shutters Inc21025,271.40
Desert Sun Fiberglass260141,105.00
Dolphin Inc84540,074.30
Eagle Industries Llc54984,712.14
Earl'S Fiberglass1212,970.00
Earthgrains Baking Companies Inc519975,290.10
Estes Cswlf282863,237.99
Executive Door2833,056.40
Flipchip International Llc82028,995.00
Florence State Prison Cswlf28285,433.25
Gannon & Scott Phoenix Inc.1111.00
Gcr Truck Tire Center2739,023.00
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center54381,561.43
Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products841183,775.17
Goodrich Corp. Universal Propulsion Co.12155.00
H & H Materials Cswlf28287,906.20
Halna Inc746168,604.28
Hanson Aggregates Of Arizona Inc22168,132.00
Henry Products Inc59114,458.60
Hill Brothers Chemical Co.11250.00
Holsum Bakery Inc5934,451.00
Honeywell Engines Sys & Service Phx R&O52249,471.57
Honeywell International Inc782254,109.70
Interface Data Sys. Inc.1231.00
Juice Of Life Cswlf282863,237.99
Kachina Technical Services & Processes Inc.1219,620.00
L & M Laminates & Marble1146,226.00
L & M Laminates & Marble2971,430.00
Madison Granite Supplies557118,704.12
Magic Woods Inc1525,555.16
Mail-Well Envelope53560,542.86
Marlam Industries Inc725117,756.30
Mesa Materials Inc51859,193.71
Metal Management Arizona Inc51792,998.00
Monier Lifetile Llc72043,353.44
Morristown Cswlf28281,715.36
Munters Corp72550,854.73
National Gypsum Co661114,274.30
New Directions Inc21141,225.70
O'Neil Printing Inc11625,389.00
Oak Canyon Manufacturing Inc265175,252.00
Oasis Bedroom Co21131,952.70
Old Town Dump Cswlf28281,715.36
Onyx Special Services Inc.220.05
Pacific Designs2758,545.00
Pan-Glo West71438,083.77
Penn Racquet Sports Inc633346,874.30
Pepsi Bottling Group11250.00
Perryville Cswlf2828285.51
Phoenix Brick Yard1886328,600.50
Phoenix Metallics110.03
Phoenix Newspapers Inc52423,252.15
Ping Inc.225.00
Proclean Of Arizona Inc.11250.00
Purcells Western States Tire5926,374.60
Quebecor World-Phoenix Division530121,585.80
Rainbow Valley Cswlf282863,237.99
Rexam Beverage Can Company729366,590.20
Sanmina Phoenix Division98759,132.50
Satoris (Earthworks) Cswlf2828285.51
Schuff Steel Co52697,389.91
Sci L.L.C. On Semiconductor241,678.00
Sfpp Lp5103625,058.52
Shell Oil / Phoenix Terminal1143324,035.84
Skunk Creek Landfill538106,744.19
St Microelectronics74073,642.55
Staco Architectural Roof Tile51326,458.90
Stone Creek Inc2742,270.00
Sumco Southwest Corp.12755.00
Super Radiator Coils1227,825.00
Superior Lime & Chemical1111,400.00
Superlite Block110.10
Tarr Inc.7141,477.87
Team Two Design Assoc Inc21532,289.95
Terra Quest Regional Landfill28287,906.20
The Heil Company1923,996.05
The Procter & Gamble Mfg Co54234,946.28
Thornwood Furniture Mfg2100137,743.00
Tpac A Division Of Kiewit Western Co51415,712.17
Trendwood Inc238114,112.40
Trendwood Inc2172129,197.00
Trenwyth Inds.22733.00
Turf Paradise Cswlf28287,906.20
Turkey Track Pit Cswlf28286,620.29
Tuscarora Inc. - Isc Group000.00
Ucsc Ltd. Co.1110.00
Ufi Cswlf282863,237.99
Union Distributing Co. Inc.110.10
United Metro Plant #11536161,639.41
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc. )24798.00
Valley Machine Works110.03
Vulcan Materials Co-Western Division21322,344.80
Vulcan Materials Co. University121.04
Wayne Oxygen Cswlf28281,715.36
Western Bonded Prods. Inc. Flex Foam1219,447.00
Western Organics Inc2846,650.63
Western Shutter Llc2528,442.75
Western States Petroleum666,142.30
Western States Petroleum93432,131.14
Wincup Holdings Inc516265,909.81
Woodcase Fine Cabinetry Inc21070,191.65
Woodstuff Manufacturing Inc5136403,407.78