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Polluters in Birmingham, Alabama
Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc.44108,900.00
Alabama Air National Guard17240.00
Alabama Copper & Bronze Co. Inc.1114.10
Alabama Gas Corporation, Pinson Lng Plant85713,956.00
Alabama Labels And Graphics Corporation153,600.00
Alabama Power Company (Powell Avenue Steam Plant)11681,688,086.00
Alabama'S Best Fabricators, Inc.775,540.00
Alco Machine Company553,600.00
Allied Energy Corp.1814,688.00
Alloy And Metal Processors, Inc./Melting Material72024,846.00
American Cast Iron Pipe Company131676,429,610.00
American Marble Co. Inc.111,450.00
American Truck Body, Inc.4414,320.00
Apac-Alabama, Inc.( Old Republic Steel Site )71329,534.00
Ashland Chemical Company85034,902.00
Barry Pattern And Foundry Company, Inc.8299,426.00
Bermco Aluminum481,783.28
Bermco Aluminum.933215,072.00
Birmingham Airport Authority6656.00
Birmingham Crane And Hoist, Inc.114,620.00
Birmingham Packaging Corporation4433,250.00
Birmingham, City Of - Bulk Plant12740.00
Blazer Fabricating, Inc.5513,305.00
Brown Service Manufacturing Company91010,620.00
Chevron Usa Products Company626120,686.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp.31260,944.00
Clean Fuels, Inc.11146,660.00
Clutch & Brake Specialty Co., Inc.1224.00
Combatel Distribution, Inc.442,350.00
Conocophillips, Inc.31160,140.00
Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co71640,330.00
Cook Publications Inc3376,640.00
Crown Central Petroleum Corp.1621,260.00
Dancing Bear Minerals,Llc71662,394.00
Dayton Superior Corporation66662.00
Dixie Electrical Manufacturing Company99100,331.00
Dte Biomass Energy Inc.8812,056.00
East Birmingham Bronze Foundry Inc.62327,026.00
Eastern Area Landfill, Birmingham714338,268.00
Electrical Repair Service Company77268.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions, Inc.1772502,062.00
Ensley Ornamental Iron Company, Inc.112,454.00
Fair Haven Methodist Home77636.00
Glasforms, Inc.5529,286.00
Good Hope Contracting Co.8858,518.00
Grasselli Concrete Products Co, Inc.3511,272.00
Guzzler Manufacturing, Inc.1135,020.00
Hardie-Tynes Company, Incorporated112,304.00
Hill & Griffith122,820.00
Holsomback Landfill282836,458.37
Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems376688,197.86
Induron Coatings Inc.1119200,658.00
Industrial Chemicals362,238.22
Johns-Ridout'S Funeral Parlor6614,122.00
Jti Companies, Inc. (Dba Jti Plastics)227,420.00
Kirkpatrick Concrete - Plant 11249,760.00
Kirkpatrick Concrete - Plant 123317,956.00
L. B. Foster Company114824,100.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc11061,340.00
Mayfield Dairy Farms (Formerly Barber Ice Cream)1127,258.00
Mcwane Cast Iron Pipe Co.171132,531,750.00
Meadowcraft Inc.331,138.64
Megamet Industries, Inc.448,642.00
Melsur Corporation4728,472.00
Melting Materials, Inc.72058,140.00
Mercury Air Center179,010.00
Metal Management Alabama, Inc.773,090.00
Metalplate Galvanizing, L.P. (Plant No. 2)7971,648.00
Metalplate Galvanizing, L.P. (Plant No.1)7732,662.00
Miller Wire Works,Inc.5611,238.00
Motion Industries, Inc.116,440.00
Motiva Enterprises, Llc321116,440.00
National Computer Print, Incorporated1446,160.00
National Woodworks, Inc.4543,172.00
New Georgia Landfill, Birmingham71158,046.00
Nta South, Inc.11194,220.00
Nucor Steel Birmingham Inc.5108,880.71
Oldcastle Materials Southeast Inc.716329,428.00
Oscar Kent Landfill28284,438.89
Peabody Sanitary Landfill282836,458.37
Pemco Aeroplex, Incorporated1523156,242.00
Phillips Pipe Line Company1822,100.00
Quikrete Birmingham, Inc.5559,502.00
Ready Mix Usa,Inc,(North Birmingham Plant)3365,108.00
Ready Mix Usa,Inc,(Ruffner Road Plant)3326,970.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company212205,310.00
Reynolds, Inc.224,360.00
Royal Cup, Incorporated5538,154.00
Shannon Landfill, Jefferson County1145,860.00
Shelby Concrete,Inc334,358.00
Sherman Industries Inc.-City Plant2234,572.00
Sherman Industries,Inc.3319,084.00
Sign Builders, Inc.1116,440.00
Sloss Industries Corporation - Coke/Utilities/Btf1211296,019,778.48
Sloss Industries Corporation - Mineral Wool Plant2912117,844,720.55
Smi Steel, Inc.14622,706,351.00
Southern Research Institute (Sri)82224,846.00
Southland Tube33750.00
Steward Machine Company, Inc. ( Plant # 1 )227,286.00
Steward Machine Company, Inc. ( Plant # 2 )116,302.00
Transmontaigne Terminaling, Inc.317144,980.00
Tri-Fab Steel, Inc.119,936.00
Tubular Fabricating Company, Inc.111,194.00
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company Inc.(No. B'Ham Plant)13702,731,311.35
U.S.A. Vaults, Inc.4410,880.00
University Of Alabama At Birmingham (Incinerator)8165,916.00
Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility7568,386.00
Vulcan Materials B'Ham Slag7725,358.00
Vulcan Painters, Inc.916378,482.00
W. C. Rice Oil Company, Inc.1122,730.00
W. J. Bullock, Incorporated819142,614.00
Wade Sand & Gravel Co., Inc.(Republic Steel Site)713248,360.00
Wade Sand & Gravel Company, Inc. (East Thomas)714508,792.00
Walpar, Inc.113,540.00
Western Steel Fabricators, Inc.442,974.00
Western Super Market558,256.00
Willie'S Supermarket552,578.00