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Polluters in Bessemer, Alabama
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company,Inc.(Bessemer Plant)13962,146,661.05
Citation Castings, Llc547266,284.80
Griffin Wheel Company644768,082.00
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 61839882,356.39
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 51838859,583.68
Refractory Sales And Service Co. Inc.102537,088.00
Apac-Alabama, Inc., ( Bessemer )717144,850.00
Baumann Coatings, Inc.1216223,484.00
Titan Coatings, Inc.41323,800.00
Kirkpatrick Concrete,Inc.7912,640.00
Birmingham Hide And Tallow88115,403.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.582,374.00
Williams Bridge Company, Inc.7731,796.00
Oak Grove Resources, Llc (Comprssor Stn. # 1)368,112.00
Western Threaders, Inc.4527,152.00
Holmes Oil Company, Inc. - Bulk Plant145,580.00
Ready Mix Usa-Bessemer Plant3383,194.00
Bessemer Oil Company, Inc. - Bulk Plant139,220.00
Sherman Industries Inc. Bessemer Plant3315,122.00
Geomet Operating Company338,170.00
W.L. Hailey & Company, Inc.224,640.00
Insituform Technologies, Inc.2218,320.00
American Water Services22840.00
Blazer Fabricating Bessemer Plant115.00
Graphite And Carbon Products111,260.00
Mcb Steel, Inc.111,840.00
Unr-Rohn, Inc. (Bessemer Facility)11142,000.00
Durose Manufacturing Inc113,560.00