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Polluters in Bessemer, Alabama
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company,Inc.(Bessemer Plant)13962,146,661.05
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 61839882,356.39
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 51838859,583.68
Griffin Wheel Company644768,082.00
Citation Castings, Llc547266,284.80
Baumann Coatings, Inc.1216223,484.00
Apac-Alabama, Inc., ( Bessemer )717144,850.00
Unr-Rohn, Inc. (Bessemer Facility)11142,000.00
Birmingham Hide And Tallow88115,403.00
Ready Mix Usa-Bessemer Plant3383,194.00
Refractory Sales And Service Co. Inc.102537,088.00
Williams Bridge Company, Inc.7731,796.00
Western Threaders, Inc.4527,152.00
Titan Coatings, Inc.41323,800.00
Insituform Technologies, Inc.2218,320.00
Sherman Industries Inc. Bessemer Plant3315,122.00
Kirkpatrick Concrete,Inc.7912,640.00
Bessemer Oil Company, Inc. - Bulk Plant139,220.00
Geomet Operating Company338,170.00
Oak Grove Resources, Llc (Comprssor Stn. # 1)368,112.00
Holmes Oil Company, Inc. - Bulk Plant145,580.00
W.L. Hailey & Company, Inc.224,640.00
Durose Manufacturing Inc113,560.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.582,374.00
Mcb Steel, Inc.111,840.00
Graphite And Carbon Products111,260.00
American Water Services22840.00
Blazer Fabricating Bessemer Plant115.00