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Polluters in Anchorage, Alaska
Anc Water And Wastewater Facility - John M Apslund/Pt. Woronzof Facility51086,160.00
Anchorage Municipal Light & Power George M. Sullivan Generation Plant Two5102,750,040.00
Anchorage Municipal Light And Power - Hank Nikkels Plant One520335,447.40
Chevron Prods. Co. Anchorage Terminal5101,894.00
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. Christy Lee Loading Platform516221,400.01
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. Drift River Terminal5391,399,439.94
Elmendorf Landfill282811,925.78
Illinois Creek Mine33505.00
Port Of Anchorage, P. O. L. Terminal, Dock No. 2.56931.23
Port Of Anchorage, Terminal No. 3 Wharf.44135.01
Tesoro Alaska Company - Anchorage Terminals 1 & 21025671,233.04
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc.)361,858.00