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Duke Energy Field Svc Lp
2445 NW 164TH ST
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma County
Population: Urban 1
Industry: Oil And Gas Extraction

Dolese Youth Park
3.41 miles SE

Chitwood Park
3.50 miles W

Macklanburg Park
3.67 miles S

North Britton Park
3.75 miles S

Martin Park
3.97 miles SE

McGee Park
4.23 miles S

Duffner Park
4.33 miles S

Meeker Park
4.50 miles S

Fink Park
4.68 miles W

Broadway Park
4.73 miles SW

Bumpass Park
4.84 miles S

Pied Piper Park
4.86 miles S

Johnson Park
5.00 miles S

Murphy Park
5.02 miles SE

Britton Park
5.11 miles S

Britton Park
5.16 miles S

Burton Park
5.20 miles S

The Village Park
5.32 miles S

Hafer Park
5.41 miles W

Ski Island Park
6.03 miles SE

Bixler Park
6.38 miles S